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2010 Sep 20
The first time that I went to Capones, the food was wonderful and so was the service. That was last Winter and couldn't wait for another chance to go !

Went for Round #2 about 1 month ago and was terribly dissapointed. The restaurant was NOT busy, we were a group of 4 women looking for a quiet atmosphere and delicious food.
We placed our orders and the food came in good time. However, 2 of the women had ordered Fetticini Alfredo with asparagus & the waitress brought the same dish with bacon included. When they told the waitress that this is not what they had ordered, she was VERY rude. Making several rude comments, one of which was " oh, so you wanted your very own dish made up" ... very condescending she was and very much spoiled our evening.

The meals were taken back to the kitchen and were replaced with a terribly bland version of what they had ordered. Obviously made in a rush and the Alfredo Sauce was terrible.

Needless to say, $150.00 later and embarrased that I brought my friends there, I won't EVER be returning for another meal at this restaurant ...

2010 Sep 3
Went to capone's for lunch today with some co-workers. Very dated decorating but it kind of works with the style of food they have. Or at least what I expect to be good there, simple comfort italian food.

Started with a ceasar. Really good ceasar, although I've only recently started drinking ceasars so I'm no expert. Little tabasco kick but not huge. Garnished with a pickled green bean. Or at least I think it was pickled. Maybe it was just blanched and tasted pickled because it was sitting in the spicy drink?... either way, it work for me.

I had the Lasagna and it was great. Very cheesy, sauce was kind of thin when I started but it was also steaming hot. Once it cooled down to an edible temperature, it was a perfect consistency. Some nice crispy browned cheese bits on the side of the dish.

2010 Sep 1
I walked in and was delighted by the quaint, romantic atmosphere of this place. I was thinking that I would definately bring my boyfriend back to have dinner sometime....until I tried the food.

I have a thing for calamari. It's my "junk food" indulgence. When I crave it, I will often try new places to check out their versions of the dish. Thus, I ended up at Capones on my way back from the west end. I ended up Calamari a la Sysco and instead of "seafood sauce" I was given some sort of hot sauce, which I am allergic to (chili allergy). Fortunately, I could smell the sauce long before my mouth got near it and avoided a reaction. The only redeeming aspect of the calamari was that it was cooked properly.

I got sucked in by the "toasted ravioli" appetizer. I have had this before elsewhere and it was really quite good. The ravioli were light and the marinara sauce made for a tasty dip. What I received last night were possibly stale, dried out raviolis that were breaded and thrown into the deep fryer in attempt to bring them back to life. They were so utterly dry to bite into-

I'm not sure if this place has passed it's prime. I had heard good things about it but nothing of recent.

I was a little bit turned off by the service- the young female servers on the floor were pleasant and they escorted me to the bar to place my order with the bartender. As I quickly perused the menu, the bartender (a man of about 50) continued to converse with a "regular" at the bar. He proceeded to drop an "F-bomb" right infront of me as he told his story. I spent a good ten years working in the service industry,I swear but NEVER infront of the clientele.

2010 Jul 5
My 1st and only visit went like this.
Ordered a steak, well done.
It was well done on the outside, but bleeding inside, like it was hemorrhaging.
Went to the washroom, my plate half full, when the waitress took it away simply because I rested my utensils in it.
Got the bill, and they enforced a 15% tip in the total. Is that even legal?
The only appeal here is if you want that "gansta"
persona and impress some clueless bimbo.

Although people tag my reviews as "questionable".
It doesn't make then any less true.

2010 Mar 27
Now called "Tony Capones", the restaurant has had a massive exterior renovation. Will report back on whether the menu has changed.