802 Somerset Street West

You can find all the spices, naan and samosas you need here.

Nasa Food Centre
Foods from Nasa Food Centre

2011 Apr 17
I have tried their ready-to-eat dinners (i.e. curry chicken, butter chicken and etc.) and the samosas and their food are good. I buy their samosas for dinner and have not gone anywhere else in Ottawa for samosas except for this place.

2011 Apr 17
Tiny grocery store with a good variety of spices, flours and dals. They also sell ready-to-eat samosas, naan, desserts, etc., although I haven't tried these. I was able to find all the spices and flours I was looking for. Spice prices are not great but much better than in the specialty delis in Byward.

2008 Feb 28
Try these Spicy Cashews at Nasa Food Centre. Try this store for your Indian Food needs.
Every kind of Indian Spices, Flours, Basmati Rice and a lot more. You must try there "READY TO EAT INDIAN CURRIES" and NAAN BREAD.


2008 Feb 29
I am sure, you will have a wonderful dinner with their Naan bread. Take Garlic or just Plain Tandoori Naan, cut in into two or three pieces, put them in the oven or use a pan on stove top, make little crunchy, apply some salted butter and serve. Feel the diffrence in your food. Enjoy...


2011 May 19
Unlike the other 3 comments which probably come from the owner/proprietor, I'll add an objective comment saying the samosa are indeed good. The pastry is not too thick and I tried both the beef and vegetarian options and really enjoyed them. The veggie was under a dollar and the beef a bit more. Not a bargin, but a reasonable price for Ottawa.

2008 Jun 28
The samosa's are hard to believe, they are wonderfull, This is what fast food should be all about, also their pagoras with Tamarind sauce are to die for, along with a mind boggling choice of deserts
Don't make the mistake of missing this east indian fast food store
It is remarkable, as are the curries

2008 Feb 28
I am surprised that Why there are not so many comments for the Samosas from Nasa Food Centre ?
Please go there and try the Samosa. You will surely write very good comments on them in this section.

2007 Nov 18
The samosas here are a hidden little gem.