Tags: Pub · Quebec · Restaurant
Address: 55 rue Principale, Aylmer

Wide selection of rare microbrews from Quebec.

Foods from L'Autre Oeil

2010 Aug 31
this place deserves an added bump: nothing beats calorie-rich Belgian beer on a hot summer night (bring your Desig Driver).

The food's a tiny bit of a let-down for a Quebec bistro (still beats most Ottawa-side bars, Manx and the like notwithstanding), but the front-yard patio & friendly service more than makes up for this. Plus, what a beer selection!

2009 May 30
great ambiance here and friendly service. Its pretty loud on Fridays, but in a civil, no pretense and cozy sort of way. Tables are close together: you probably wouldn't come here for an intimate dinner or to strike a deal w/ a political rival. (There are patios here, though, so maybe that's where you'd do that stuff.)

In any case, beer is the star ... i think our waitress mentioned over 400 types? Don't remember the exact number (it was loud) so let's just say neither beer purists nor those of us w/ attention deficits will feel out of place: many, many Belgian, German, Quebecois brews, as well as several eclectic US microbrews on offer (Rogue is one i remember).

Food, by comparison, is a bit of a let-down relative to what one might expect from a Quebec "bistro". Mostly simple bar fare like nachos, pitas, a couple salads.

But, no matter, after nursing a couple beers here, walk the short distance to Ambrosia where you can supplement your barley w/ a rich carb-laden Italian meal -- a great one-two combination.

Beer 4