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2012 Jul 27
Very, very ordinary burger, the Hulloise. Untoasted plain bun. Crappy, pickled edges (you know the ones with too much skin, and no seeds or juiciness), tasteless bacon and cheese, sparse toppings, and I reckon 1/4lb beef max. Very dry and bland meat. $6.75 thanks very much.

Apparently this place is renowned for burgers and I do recall enjoying having one some years back. They have a big newspaper article clipping in the dining room boasting about their supposed flagship offering. But as much as I don't rate Hintonburger and the Works, they beat Twist, no contest.

The options are few. The other burgers all have cream cheese of all things on them.

The fries, however, are excellent. The poutine is one of my faves too. My girlfriend had the moules-frites, all-you-can-eat, for $16.95. Pricey, I think, but good. They rotate broth flavour choices, but disappointing there was no garlic-butter-white wine option, which should be a constant. They do heap the plate with mussels and a decent size side of fries, so you don't experience the hassle of ordering several refills, with the attendant wait.

Good draft options, the McAuslan line, and some imports like Kronenbourg.

Cozy courtyard patio, and very good service.

Will be back, but not for a burger.

Mussels 1


Fries 1


Poutine 1




2009 Dec 16
Le montrealais is my favorite burger in this joint.

Cream cheeze, bacon and mushrooms if i remember correctly. (aside from the normal lettuce, tomato, etc.)

The fries are dark and not always crispy but who cares... they come with Mayonaise!!! And we all know that everything is good with ? mayonaise? Right?...