An ethnic Muslim market on West Wellington not far east of Parkdale. Chock full of every type of rice, lentil, couscous, spice, pickle that you've ever heard of, and a great many that you've never heard of! And a Halal butcher shop in the back to boot.

Foods from Al Jazeerah


2011 Aug 27
I've been to many meet shops over the years and this is
by far the BEST!! The owner really knows how to cut the meet properly unlike similar stores. The meet is always fresh and they have excellent prices!! They also have all kinds of south Asian and Arab groceries. The lamb, chicken, goat, veal, and beef so TASTY!! Simply the BEST Meat and prices In Town, no questions asked. Ohh yea the owner makes home-made hamburgers with his own special ingredients. Don't know what he put but they are sooooooo delicious. Good stuff!!

2010 Mar 28
I have ordered goat and lamb meat from many places in Ottawa and this is probably the worst place I have ever ordered from. The quality is the worst I have ever seen and the prices are the most expensive. I would never recommend this place unless you are extremely deperate.

2008 Oct 6
I completely agree about the meat - in fact over the last year we've almost completely dumped Costco and Superstore in favour of here. The prices are better than Superstore and only slightly higher than Costco. Only downside is they obviously don't have pork.

2008 Oct 6
My husband buys our meat here, and I have to say that the prices are very good. They are lower than the grocery store for beef and lamb. I really like going to the butcher and asking for ground beef and seeing them ground the meat right in front of you. We just bought some beautiful rib (almost roasts - they were and inch and a half easily) with the caps off for approx. 7$ each, where as the weekend before I bought one at (ergh the RCSS on Richmond) for 15$and change. I do not know exactly where the beef comes from - local or how local it is. I should and will ask. I am curious about this. I have been trying to buy locally but the prices are really high. So far the meat has been very good from Al Jazeerah.

2007 Oct 11
I paid a visit recently on my last trip to the Urban Element and it is amazing how well stocked this store is considering how little square footage there is. There is every type of rice and legume you could want or need and you certainly can't go wrong with those prices! The meats definitely look like they are of very good quality and I look forward to trying some on my next visit. Aljazeera definitely gets a thumbs up.

2007 Sep 11
I'm embarassed to say that they have been in the neighbourhood 4 years now and I've only gone in for the first time this evening. They've a huge selection of rice, lentils, beans, olive oils and other staples. My wife says the rice we buy is cheaper there than anywhere else in city. Huge selection of pre-packaged spice mixes along the lines of "uncle ben's" or "liptons" mixes but ethnic in nature and better ingredients lists.

The meat at the Halal butcher shop was very good looking - I'll definitely be back especially because it was on par with pricing at the supermarkets and I'd sooner buy from the little guy. Where it's Halal I'd expect it to be higher quality as well with fewer middle-men in between. Going to throw some of the chicken drumsticks on my smoker this weekend. I also saw some frozen sausage in the freezer that was very competitively priced.

In general prices on staples were very competitive, while pre-packaged foods were higher though not "gouging" like many small convenience stores are.

Most of the food is foreign and unfamiliar to someone who only ever goes to western supermarkets, but most of it looked extremely interesting and definitely a good avenue for being adventurous and trying new things.