This vendor no longer exists!


Formerly "Dover's Bagel"
283 Greenbank Road
(613) 829-3435

Foods from The Bagel Oven and Deli

2009 May 3
Was in there today, owner said last day they are closed down. Also, BJ's in the same strip mall was all ripped apart inside.

2008 Mar 3
New better layout. Place just simply looks cleaner too. The bagels are a nice chewy kinda like farm boy but a bit softer. Hubby said best bagel he's ever had. Little guy had a cookie too and he seemed pretty happy about it! They sell different flavours of cream cheese. You can get a sandwich made up too, which I will try next time. Also says montreal smoked meat, I'll have to see how authentic, as many of our trips to Montreal seem to be 'just for the smoked meat from Schwartz's.

2008 Feb 24
I was driving by what-used-to-be Dover's Bagel this weekend and noticed it has changed names. I've since heard that the bakery has changed ownership. I hope the quality of the bagels will be kept up! It was a good source for Montreal bagels in the west end, and also a place to buy Art-is-in bread. My freezer is stocked with bagels (from the Ottawa Bagel Shop however) so it will be a while before I can try out the place.

2007 Nov 11
Went to Dover's Bagel on a Saturday. They have the fire oven going and fresh bagels on the go. I ordered two poppy seed with cream cheese toasted. They were slightly similar taste to the farm boy ones, but mush more tender and I would definetly get them again. Bring cash if you want less than $5 interac. Also got a chocolate chip muffin which was just alright, better than Tim Hortons fake muffins they serve now...had a nice crispy top to it but the tiny chocolate chips, almost like flecks hardly added to the flavour, and the texture was very dense. It would be good if you only ate the muffin top like on Seinfeld. Also picked up a loaf of cinnamon bread, it says on it it's from Red Ribbon Backers and it is to die for, toasted fills up house with cinnamony goodness and toasts well (I can only assume it is terrible for you!! a lot of butter in the making and sugar). Also noticed they have the art-is-in bakery bread you can bag up yourself. There are other pastries in front display looked pretty good also. You can grab a coffee too. Only bad comment would be that they need to do a bit of a scrub down, more caring in the overall clean look.


2007 Oct 9
I went to Dover's just after it first opened and thought the bagels were just ok and didn't expect they would tempt me away from the Ottawa Bagel Shop. Well, I went back for the second time this weekend and I was much more impressed this time. There's not much to choose from between their bagels and those from the Bagel Shop (or Bagel Run in Orleans); all excellent versions of the Montreal bagel. The sesame bagels weren't hot when I bought them (I suspect the Bagel Shop has a bigger turnover) but they were obviously freshly made earlier that day. Dover's also carries olive cream cheese (not easy to find, but long being one of my favourites) and Art-is-in Bread. I won't stop going to the Bagel Shop, but won't hesitate to go to Dover's more often. They're a good option for people in the west end (being on Greenbank, just north of Hunt Club).