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2014 Dec 18
I used to order takeaway from this place when it was near the former Tommy & Lefevbre. What a treat when they reopened in the old Penan Wok, close to my home!
We eat there very often. Eating in gets you much nicer food presentation and less styrofoam to throw away.
An odd menu, with a mixture of Vietnamese Kitchen food and many, many items from the old Penan Wok (Szechuan) menu.
A typical family meal sees me ordering the chicken bun (vermicelli/salad bowl) and my son eating General Tso's Chicken. In summer I also greatly enjoy the lime soda.

2011 Aug 21
I agree with the below comment that the nuoc cham seemed watered down. I went for the first time last night and felt that my vermicelli bowl was very good, but would have been better with strong nuoc cham. The spring roll in my vermicelli bowl was nothing special. The prices are great and the veggies were nice and fresh.

2011 Feb 6
i used to go to vietnamese kitchen when it was in the old location. last night we had company and decided to order a huge feast of dishes from them for delivery. the dishes were hit and miss. none was very spicy, even though we ordered spicy. the peanut sauces were bland, and the nuoc cham was watered down. i was really disappointed.

we have 2 vermicelli bowls (one veg, one meat), 2 kinds of fresh spring rolls, wontons in peanut sauce (not good), spicy eggplant and shrimp, shanghai noodles (good), salt & pepper tofu (good).

the ingredients in the vermicelli bowls were fresh and tasty, just the sauce was disappointing.

2010 Dec 17
I've been MIA from the Ottawa Foodie scene for a while having gone abroad for work. I'm happy to be back though and returning to the OF site.

I dined at VK last week for the first time. Overall impressions:
- good service
- generous portions
- fair prices

I had the vermicelli with shredded pork, BBQ chicken and spring rolls. The dish was tasty although the bits of pork were few, the chicken came whole (it usually comes sliced in other Vietnamese restos) and the spring rolls weren't too tasty. But the portion was very generous indeed and priced at $8.95.

I also had a mango juice - very delish. Tall glass and only $1.95 when the resto could easily charge $1-2 more. Good on them!

2010 Oct 7
schnicken That is wonderful news! Thanks for letting us know.

2010 Oct 6
Vietnamese Kitchen IS back.

1098 Bank street now, and it is the same owners. Menu is the same as when it was beside T&L. AND they still deliver!!

I've already eaten there twice lol.

2010 Sep 9
Yes, I added a comment that I had seen this sign in Penan Work's window to buzz earlier this week on the Penan work vendor site.

I too was regular at Viet Kitchen too and used to get delivery almost once a week. One gentleman always recognized me and my friend.

Hopefully it will be the same staff as when it was near the T&L.

2010 Sep 9
Interesting... this is where the City's restaurant inspections should include a freeform "Notes" field, in which the inspector can add an explanation.

"CLOSE FOOD PREMISES, Not in Compliance" seems much more understandable if it is followed by a note saying, "Premises not suitable for food preparation due to fire damage."

2010 Sep 9
Thanks AD for mentioning this. The Vietnamese Kitchen was my regular take out place almost since its opening right up until the day it closed. As you said the closure was as a result of the fire in the neighbouring Tommy and Lefevbre store and it had nothing to do with the inspection report.

As a regular customer I can attest to the fact the food may not be stellar but it was in fact very good and reasonably priced. During my weekly visits there the staff was always very friendly and a pleasure to do business with. I went there daily during the province-wide blackout a few years ago for lunch until my power came back on and they were very accomodating. If they do in fact reopen anywhere in Ottawa I will be doing cartwheels.

Unfortunately my weekends the next couple of months are booked solid so I won't be able to make a trip to Old Ottawa South to check out that sign on Penan Wok. Hopefully someone who lives/shops in Old Ottawa South can keep us posted-;)

2010 Sep 9
FF, to be fair to the vendor it should be noted that each of those inspections took place after the fire which gutted the restuarant and the Tommy and Lefevbre location attached to it March 31 2009. It's been closed, uninhabited, empty, not operational etc since then, so it's fair to say food problems are not responsible for these inspection reports.