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Benitz Bistro
Benitz Bistro
Benitz Bistro
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2011 Aug 9

Does anyone know if this restaurant is closed?
I had a great dining experience at Benitz in the past...

2011 Apr 29
southshoregirl, the whole point of the thumbs up/down is to help people figure out if they're doing something wrong or not. The rules are made up -- democratically -- on the fly. This works very well for the most part.

Thumbs up: keep doing what you're doing
Thumbs down: time to change or go away

Comments are faded out when the thumbs down significantly outweigh the thumbs up.

I'll move these last few comments to the forums later, as they have nothing to do with Benitz Bistro...

2011 Apr 28
I have obviously misunderstood how the site works. I think it is reasonable for people to respond when they think the reviews are unfair. It seems odd to me that the reader can only use the thumbs up or down, but the reviewer can make lengthy and detailed comments. If we cannot politely disagree or add to a discussion then I think we limit the use of the site.

To all. If I have misunderstood the rules, my apologies!

Can someone also clarify why some negative comments are faded out but not all?

I'm new here so just asking!

2011 Apr 28
Hey MarthaS, if you can't appreciate the review, then give it a thumbs down. This site is for honest reviews of food and resto experiences. Whatever I thought of last night's meal has nothing to do with the event (which is a great one) or being mean whatsoever. The food was what it was, exactly as per my personal experience.

2011 Apr 28
Sorry you did not love your experience Big Mouth. As an organizer of the Taste For Life event, I would really like to defend Benitz on this one. We know that they were at capacity last night. We know that they donate 25% of everything that evening to the two local charities.

I think the cost of your virgin caesar was in line with any high end restaurant.

The fact that they took the trouble to make a special course for you and accomodate your food sensativities was great. Sorry it was not to your liking.

I also think on a crazy busy night for charity they were great to divide the mains for you.

I think the only substantive complaint was the fish being overcooked. Even that I think might be somewhat forgiven under the circumstances.

I certainly think we should hold the restos to their usual high standards, on the other hand I think slagging them the morning after when they have just given an evening over to a charitable event is a bit mean.

2011 Apr 28
I had dinner at Benitz last night. I think it was my second time dining there. Benitz was one of the restaurants participating in last night's Taste of Life (where 25% of each bill is donated to two local AIDS charities).

The service was great. They accomodated my current dietary restrictions and were so pleasant about it.

The food, however, had its highlights and lowlights ...

Firstly I wasn't aware that since it was Taste for Life, it would be table d'hote. No problem though since my appetite is good.

Drink: my virgin caesar was mediocre and pricey at $5, compared to what other restaurants charge.

Amouse-bouche: since I wasn't able to eat the goat cheese ball with tomato relish (it sounded great though), the kitchen prepared sauteed mushrooms on crostini for me. It was fine but nothing spectacular.

App: both my friend and I had the salmon gravlax. Tasty.

Main: I ordered the trout which came atop a bed of finely diced potatoes, red peppers and asparagus. My friend ordered the steak and frites. We had planned to share both mains but I needed my steak cooked well. Benitz was great and prepared our plates so everything was already divided. Unfortunately the dishes weren't that good. The trout was way overcooked. My steak needed a second round of searing but they were really accommodating. Unfortunately I did have to ask for salt since both fish and steak lacked any flavour. The frites were okay but a bit overdone.

Dessert: I had the dark chocolate terrine. The presentation was very unappealing as it literally looked like a slab of crap. But it tasted divine!!! Definitely the highlight of the meal. My friend had the creme brulee and I think she enjoyed it.

All in all, an enjoyable dining experience even though the food wasn't a complete hit.

2010 Aug 18
I had lunch here with colleagues a few weeks ago. It was amazingly delicious. I must go back for dinner with my husband!
I love the plane with décor in the beautiful old building.
I had a huge fresh burger that was EXTREMELY messy, but worth every bite.

2010 Jun 29
And my "eggs benitz"!

2010 Jun 29
And here is my bf's french toast.

2010 Jun 29
We had brunch at Benitz on a rainy Sunday a while back and it was fantastic! Of course, anything is fantastic with extra-spicy caesars ;)

I don't remember the details other than it was super delicious & service was awesome - my water glass was never empty, and I like the old fashioned touches of handing the menus to ladies first, etc.

Pictured here is the most perfect cranberry juice pour I have ever seen in my life.