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2007 Jul 18
I recently moved to Gatineau (i was in Hull previously) and started exploring. I have lived in the region for about 25 years and i admit to not knowing Gatineau as well as i should.

I had heard many good comments about this place. I was looking for a butcher, especially after my regular one in Hull closed, so i headed there 2 weeks ago.

M. Henri (i think he's from france, but not sure because of his accent.. i couldn't make out if it was a french accent or if it was from Belgium.) is very friendly and charming. We talked food for a while, and he had me try some ham that they make there. He also showed me everything they have in terms of food, including their good variety in sausages.

I ended up buying a nice steak for dinner that day, and 3 different kinds of sausages (Spinach, Duck and Chorizo). He told me the best way to cook them, and i was on my way. I tried the Spinach sausages the next day and thought they were good. Nothing spectacular, but good. This past weekend i tried the Duck sausages, and i must say they were EXCELLENT. I'll definitely go buy some more :) I haven't tried the chorizo yet.

I went back last saturday and bought a filet mignon steak for dinner that day, again, top notch and good food.

I'll definitely go back there on a regular basis. I haven't tried the restaurant yet.. but it's my plan to do so very soon. I have heard bad reviews about the restaurant, i'll post here once i've been there.