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The Market Grill
Pasta Primavera at The Market Grill
The Market Grill
Foods from The Market Grill

2007 Jun 19
Note Yorkshire pud.

2007 Jun 4
Update: on a return visit, they even remembered my fussy drink order. I can now also recommend their pesto with enthusiasm...


Day-tripping foodies, take note!

Notable: a good number of vegetarian selections that are not just veggie burger or other half-assed stuff.

I'll comment more when I get the food pictures to upload properly (hrmph), but wanted to throw out a few comments before I forgot.

Soup of the day was a really luscious-looking potato and leek (not cream-of!). I didn't sample thanks to the chicken stock in it, but props to the waitress for being able to tell me "chicken stock."

Mr Kmennie had the usual slab of beef -- prime rib? -- with zero complaints. It came with Yorkshire pud (!), seasoned rice, and a little pile of quite good-looking veg. No limp steamed broccoli here.

The pasta primavera was the best I've ever had in a restaurant; I'm still trying to puzzle out why. Lack of said limp broccoli? Just the right amount of everything; veg -- snow peas, peppers, onions, julienne'd carrots -- was fresh and crisp (but not too raw), pasta just so, sauce creamy without being cloyingly heavy. Just under $10, too.

They were advertising their own 'vin de garage' that we didn't try; limited beer selection, as with -- oddly enough -- every Ottawa Valley place we've been to.

The restaurant itself is quite nice -- exposed brick with local art on it, and a pleasant patio on the street. Good noise level, good service.

Verdict: well worth a drive.


2007 Jun 19