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Marzano's is "soo-style" pizza, the recipe having originated in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Website links to menu.

Marzano Pizzeria
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2007 Dec 20
Hey Guys!! What happened to Marzanos?? This place was the best!! If anyone knows please msg me!!!

2007 Dec 15
We loved this place, but tonight tried calling and the number is no longer in service :( We just had some a few weeks ago.

I'll drive by and see if they truly are closed - would be a damned shame, nowhere else in this city can you get such awesome panzerotti.

2007 Jul 31
I ordered a medium pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms from Marzano last friday.

My first surprise was that the pizza was round. With a motto like "We don't cut corners" I was expecting something like the one pictured here. Anyone remember Square Boy Pizza on Wellington? Mmm. No matter, taste is what's important.

This was definitely one of the more unique tasting pizzas I've had. The sauce had a tangy berry sweetness to it that I can't decide if I like or not. At times I did, at others it was disarming, like I had just bitten into a tart. The crust was great though, not at all chewy and doughy. It was more like pita bread, but thick. And light tasting.

The pepperoni and mushroom toppings were decent but I did not like the cheese. There wasn't much of it and it had melted like a frozen pizza does, although there's no other evidence to suggest that the pie was frozen. The cheese was the most disappointing ingredient and the reason I'm reluctant to give Marzano another shot. If I do I'll order double cheese and hope that it melts better.

Ultimately I was left frustrated. This pizza promises a lot but falls short in execution.

2007 Jun 2
If you want to try a truly original and filling pizza, try Marzano's. I order from here pretty frequently, being from the soo and all, but it really is constantly delicious. The delivery folk are nice as well!