Foods from Caffe Zucchero Espresso Bar

2008 Apr 23
Went here for lunch today. The food is a civilized departure from the usual lunchtime fare offered to us poor office schleps downtown -- wholesome, hearty and homemade sandwiches, soups and salads.

I had the vegetarian pasta frittata which came with a nice fresh romaine salad and a big slice of garlic bread for $8.25. The salad was crisp and lovely and came with a simple balsamic dressing. The frittata was homemade, but a little bland for my taste. It was essentially a spaghetti omelette with ricotta - very different, but not as savoury as I would have liked. My dining companions had some delicious-looking pizza and cannelloni. The colours of everything were so vibrant - they made my mouth water.

I also ordered the tiramisu. It was very good - not as sweet as you normally find, which was refreshing. The consistency was just right too - not mushy at all. I agree with Big Mouth that there was too much cocoa on top, which made it bitter.

A good place for a fresh and healthy lunch on a work day.

2008 Apr 23
Had lunch here for the first time. Cute place.

I ordered the pizza square (sausage) with salad. The salad was very fresh and crisp. Overall, it was pretty good but nothing spectacular. One friend ordered the frittata and said she wouldn't go for it again. She did enjoy the salad as well. Another friend had the meat cannelloni (a fave of hers). Both friends had a piece of garlic bread with their meals and said it was too buttery.

We all decided to indulge in desserts three pieces of tiramisu please! It was quite good. The cocoa sprinkled on top was a bit too saturated and thus bitter for my liking so I scraped most of it off.

Good lunch time place but nothing to rave about. Will likely go back. The prices were decent -- drink, meal and dessert came to $15-something before tip.

Note: this place only accepts cash or debit.

Oh yeah, my friend said I should mention the minty toothpicks - yum. Haha.

2007 Feb 15
their Veggie Sandwich is the best I've ever tasted. Eggplant and zucchini marinated in god knows how much oil and herbs, and grilled to perfection. Oh man, those sandwiches are good. And so filling. My boyfriend and I usually split one, and we're both stuffed.

I've tried to recreate this sandwich at home, but oil-free, and it doesn't come close. Nothing beats this cafe. And it shows, they've recently expanded their dining area, and they're still jam-packed at lunch time.