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2010 Aug 12
Wes' Chips is located at 198 Madawaska Boulevard in Arnprior. Their hours this month were 10 - 8.

All they sell is chips. No poutine, no hamburgers, no corn dogs. Just chips.

Sized and priced at:
Small $3
Medium $4
Large $5
X-Large $7

On a recent trip I had a small. The small was a bit light on content compared to many competitors. They also don't bag their cartons. That always yields more.

Also the soft drinks go for a steep $1.50.

You can rest up at one of the 6 picnic tables in the park like setting to the side.

But there is no disputing that best of breed taste. There is a hint of sweetness to their potatoes. They have a nice crispness outside but, on the inside, the taste of their chosen potato is silky. I am not sure how they do it. A secret worth millions. The other trick is that they stay that way right through to the bottom of the box. I would have expected soggy. Another reason Wes' rates so high.

Check out my blog post on Wes' if you like.


2008 Jul 15
I finally tried these today for lunch. A Large portion (S, M, L, XL) proved to be a perfectly adequate feast. I can only reiterate kmennie's and Peach's comments. These are truly well made fries. I don't think I've ever encountered fries that are very moist *and* have a decent crispiness to their exterior like these do. With a fairly small cross-section, they are the combination of all the best features of McDonald's fries and classic British chippy fries (though they resemble neither).

These are the best fries with ketchup and vinegar. I still believe JP's (Crispy Chips) are the best with gravy though.

Soda is relatively pricey here, at $1.50 a pop. ;-)

They honestly only sell fries and pop. No burgers, no dogs, no poutine, not even gravy! They do one thing and they do it very very well.

2007 Jun 17
Oh, yeah -- these are great.

I scarfed most of the box, threw them in a bag and into a hot trunk and drove to the beach, and -- they were still way better than the usual fries even out of a trunk... They show up hot and crisp enough that a thorough vinegar-dousing doesn't sog them down, too.

They are not typical chip wagon. Mr Kmennie, not a native Ottawan, sneers at chip wagon fries (!) -- but these aren't the soggy sticks fried in antique oil (a class of fry not entirely without its charms) of a lot of trucks, and no sneers were seen. Sometimes, fries are just a vinegar/salt/ketchup vehicle for me; these wanted surprisingly little adulteration to be perfect craving-satisfiers.

Apparently it's been around since the 60s. It does smashingly; the 'Prior does not lack for chip wagons, but it had quite the queue. I got a bit hypnotised by the simplicity and economics of it: money flew in, potatoes flew out.

Kudos to them for always offering the box 'half way' as mentioned by Peach below.

Cheap, too -- a more-than-adequate medium is $3.50. Knowing what they are, I'd have happily forked over much more; top marks for foodie value here.

2007 May 11
ok, so I consider myself somewhat of a chip truck connoisseur so when a friend told me about the "BEST chips ever" from a chip truck in Arnprior, I was skeptical. Needless to say, a fellow foodie and I traveled out to Arnprior last weekend to give these chips a go. The truck in question: Wes' Fries at 198 Madawaska Blvd in Arnprior. The long line of people was a good sign as is the fact that there is nothing else on the menu but chips! We each ordered a large chips and waited a few minutes before the order was "Half way" ready. By ordering your chips "Half way" you get the chance to add your magic blend of ketcup, vinegar and salt to the bottom half of the chips before the rest of the box is stocked with tasty goodness!

To say the fries were perfect is an understatement! The chips were golden brown, crispy on the outside and were hot and moist on the inside. EACH and EVERY one of them... even the last chip in the bottom of the box! No soggy, greasy chips here! DEFINITELY worthy of the label BEST CHIPS EVER! I can't wait to go back!

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