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Foods from Aiyara


2014 Dec 11
Used to be one of my favourite Thai restaurant. It seems like they are under a new management now, and the services aren't as good as before. Also my favourite dish isn't available any more :-(

2011 Mar 3
Hands down BEST Thai food in town.

2009 Jul 16
Tried this place for the first time. Beautiful décor and good service. They go the extra mile with small efforts like carving an elephant (theme of their dishware) from a potato, stencil cutting the banana leaf (I think that's what it was) and turning simple root vegetables into beautiful flowers -- all part of how they present their dishes. Very impressive.

Despite the good looks, I will not go back. I see that previous clientele gave good reviews of the food. Unfortunately that was not our experience. We ordered the pad thai (nothing special), a House Special (salmon and mango salad - the salmon was way overdone but the mango salad was my favourite dish of what we ordered), and the brown curry (beef with onions and potatos in coconut milk - it was good enough but I now know I prefer the chicken curry one but it was nice to try a new dish). I will say they were generous with the beef portions - more beef than the fillers so that was good. Overall the portions were reasonable as well as the prices, it was just the actual flavours I did not enjoy. Many better thai restos in the city in my opinion.

2009 Apr 3
This place is nowhere near where I live, but we happened to be nearby for an appointment, so we dropped in for lunch. It appears to be a very popular neighborhood eatery, and we were lucky to get a table without a reservation. We came away quite impressed. Though the place was busy, service was brisk and efficient. We really enjoyed the tasty soup that came as a starter, and our main dishes (Green Curry, Pad Thai) were nicely presented, flavorful, and typical (based on my limited knowledge of Thai food, anyway). Relatively inexpensive, too. I probably wouldn't make a special trip to come here, but it's certainly a strong contender for a return visit when we're in the area again.

2008 Apr 5
I just ate here tonight.
Really great service, friendly, polite and informative.
There really are elephants everywhere! It adds to the personality of the restaurant.
I had a delicious hot and sour soup with coconut milk and shrimps (#16) and it was so delicious! It was very unique and probably the thing I will remember most about this meal.
My date had a shrimp appetizer (#8) which came with a nice sweet dipping sauce.
The meals were great. I had a (#33) a nice beef, onion and mushroom dish with oyster sauce. It wasn't spicy, not too sweet, maybe a bit more on the salty side if anything. Lots of mushrooms and peppers. I had rice noodles to go with.
My dates meal was pretty original, thin beef slices in a sauce (#32). He had sticky rice to go with.
Dessert was awesome. Lots of different icecreams, the best being the coconut. I had some lemongrass tea to sum it up as well.
Very cozy place all in all. I will definitely return, it's a nice place to try, although a little unexpected (as it's on an odd part of Walkley and I'd never expect anything other than fast food pizza).
Order tea at the end just for the amazing elephant tea pot.

2008 Feb 9
This place is pretty good. Nice decor (elephants everywhere: cutlery, napkins, menu, condiments,
serving dishes . . .) . Lots of vegetarian choices.

The service is quick and friendly.

The only negative is the food seems very sweet, as the other person mentioned.

2007 Sep 14
Very nice atmosphere, pretty good food although I noticed everything seemed a little sweeter than most Thai food I was used to. I would return.