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Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
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2010 Jun 25
I had an excellent meal on Saturday before father's day.

Needless to say, service was great.

Moving onto the food.

Since I came here last, they have compeletely changed the menu and now have a daily table d'hote.

We opted to share some apps and then each had our own meal.

To start, we had the soup of the day which was a cold potato and leek soup. Quite refreshing.

We then had the foie gras and pork sausage with sauerkraut, cheese and bread. Very delicious, in everyone's opinion the best of the apps.

We followed this with the duck confit spring roll. It was tasty, but I found the duck a tad dry, and I'm used to/like "asian" style spring roll wrappers more.

My wife had the burger, which is made with O'Brien's and had a blue cheese sauce.

On a side note, I noticed that a lot of the meat is sourced locally now, and the seafood comes from Whalesbone, which I'll speak to later.

The burger was quite nice and it was even nicer that it was fired immediately because our son was eating it, and at 11 months old, he hasn't quite learned patience yet.

I opted for the halibut which was tasty, but next time I'll go back to my favourite of buttered cod and frites with and East Coast remoulade.

... which is what my father had. It was melt in your mouth tender and even my picky father was blown away by the freshness and quality. This was from Whalesbone if I remember correctly. Good ingredients done well... so good.

He also loved the fried and roasted garlic aoli.

My mom had the moules et frites (east cost mussels) which were huge in a white wine and tomato sauce which was delicious and begged to be sopped up.

Too full for dessert... mom and dad gave it thumbs up which is rare. Good sign.

Will be back... obviously :0

2010 May 22
My mom and I had an enjoyable meal here this evening. Mom had suggested seafood when I asked her what she'd like to eat. She used to frequent the Pelican Grill when my grandparents were around so I thought I'd reserve Petit Bill's for a change as I like variety.

I really liked the quaint atmosphere which definately reminded me of France. I appreciate that there are tables and not banquettes (sp?) with tables jammed one next to the other. The art work on show was also a welcome change.

I have been having a rough week, and therefore had very little appetite. I had 1/2 dozen raw oysters which are supplied by Whalebone. I think these were Malpeque but not certain. Regardless, they were very, very nice.

My mother had the soup du jour which was an asparagus potato puree. I had a spoonful and it was beautifully done. It was made with a rich chicken stock and had a perfect texture and thickness.

For her main course, my mother had the Lobster wrap with frites. The wrap was full of juicy lobster chunks- I was impressed at the amount of meat. The frites were comparable to what I consider the pinnacle for french fries in Winnipeg, Rae and Jerry's.

Service was very efficient except for the minor gaffe that my mother received a glass of wine rather than the slightly larger kwoff (sp?). However, nothing to complain about as she was only charged for the glass size. I teased her by saying that the waitress knew a wino when she saw one.

Neither of use had dessert. We were in and out in under an hour.

I believe Terry was there extending his hospitality to all and wished us a good weekend when we left.

2010 Apr 22
I often go here for oysters (they get the from Whales Bone) and a glass of wine after work. I enjoy the solitude it has right before the dinner rush. I have gone for dinner with a friend and did find it a tad cramped. However the service has always been above per.

2010 Apr 17
On Friday night we were looking for a moderately priced place to have a late dinner. We weren't sure if our most dependable place (Cottage and a Kitchen) was still open, so we opted for Petit Bill's.

All I can say is, meh.

Lobster club: Bloggin Foodie is right. Not enough lobster. Should have that sweet flavour in every bite. Go big or go home.

Crab cakes: not bad, but since I've recreated Mark Bittman's shrimp/crab cakes, very little compares. Chris' version at the Welly has been the best restaurant crab cake I've eaten.

Service: overeager, rushed.

Atmosphere: not comfortable. Couldn't put a finger on what wasn't working but it felt like they were trying too hard.

Would not go back.

2010 Apr 5
I'll start by saying that I'd dine here again.

Having said that, out of the five dishes I sampled, I would only have two of them again. I wouldn't have the Dirty Dozen Escargot, Open-Faced Steak Sandwich or Lobster club on a repeat visit, only the crab cakes and Maple Meringue Cheesecake .

The butter that came with the bread was out of this world! Maple and ancho - what a flavour combo!

The atmosphere was nice. The service was good, friendly and attentive.

The crab cakes were amazing. They were fresh and beautifully flavoured. They were just a little crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth on the inside. The crab really took center stage; the crab cakes weren't overpowered with the Cajun spices or the coating. I've had crab cakes that were glue-like and doughy before and these couldn't have been further from that consistency.

The escargot were tender and plump. The broth was extremely flavourful but a little on the salty side, I'm guessing from the olives. I didn't appreciate the sogginess of the ends of the pinwheel that were sitting in the broth. But the puff pastry itself was oh-so-butterliciously-flaky! The dish was tasty enough but I found it sort of randomly put together.

I LOVE lobster. Love, love, love it! I enjoyed the Club, but unfortunately I didn't love it. You could taste the lobster a little, but I would have liked to have tasted the lobster alot. It sort of got lost a little as it was competing with quite a few ingredients. I did appreciate the thin bun (and bonus, it was whole wheat!), which I'm guessing was chosen to let the lobster shine through and make the sandwich less doughy. I guess I chose this menu item for the novelty and I'm glad I did. It was novel.

The sandwich was ok, but nothing spectacular. The fries were good. The highlight of the dish was the pile of tangy onions and peppers - they were great. They tasted like the Red Hot wing sauce and really brightened up the 'meat on bread'. I think the sandwich could benefit from a sauce.

Coincidentally, the friend I was dining with is from Newfoundland. I asked her if the place felt like home and she said no.

The atmosphere is warm and the service is friendly. We were asked multiple times by who we thought was the manager if everything was ok. I always like it when the person in charge does that.

2010 Apr 1
Just wanted to relay a nice experience I had at Petit Bill's tonight. We decided to head there for an impromptu dinner. We had our 8 month old with us and as we had not planned on going out, we didn't have any food for him.

Terry offered to steam up some veggies and rice for him and it was brought out as soon as it was ready (i.e. even before we had ordered) as it was obvious that he was getting a bit hungry.

Kudos for creating a great environment where families, even those with young children are welcome. On that note, it was fun to see that across from us was a nursing mom and behind us was a family with 3 small children.

Needless to say, our food was delicious.

2010 Mar 9
I came to Petit Bill's last evening with my SO and we were pleased to share a table d'hote. We started off with the charcuterie and lobster poutine as well as a bottle of Pino Grigio. The main course shared was an excellent and complex flavoured bass with israili couscous and seasonal vegetables. Finished off with the flourless chocolate cake.

Time is short, so I will simple call it divine. I met Terry in the flesh and he is as charming in the real world as he is online. The servers were also excellent, deftly providing refills of water without me noticing. While our server didn't have an encyclopedic knowledge of wines, she was eager to help and was most considerate.
While we did have to pay appropriately for the high quality food and drink, it was well worth it in my opinion. I certainly shall be returning in the near future.

Word to the wise, monday nights are nice and relatively quiet. Might be one of the better times to arrive as there was enough room to be comfortable and spread out and you get more time with the lovely servers and with Terry.

2010 Feb 28
...and it's a great lunch option. A few weeks back I spent part of my work week at Holland Cross. Shamefully, I had not referenced the Foodie site before my sojourn to Tunney's. However, I lucked out by stepping into this little gem of a place.

The Lobster Poutine, was a unique and impressive introduction. The service was extremely friendly, and respectful of the lunch crowd's time limitations.

All of this was enough to draw me back for a second time during my three day stay (actually I couldn't wait to go back).
On my repeat visit I went with tradition: fish n chips. Now, this offering can get the emotions up on many a Maritimer or Islander. For me, it's very much, "I know what I like, and I know what I don't like". I like tender, steaming, crumbling cod and that's what I got. And skin-on frites over fries/chips? Of course.
It was fabulous and I can't wait to take my wife, and order off the grown-up menu (check out their site).

2010 Feb 28
Wifey and I had a nice time here tonight. Service was excellent: friendly, attentive and unobtrusive. Our shared order:

Caesar salad - Creamy and refreshing, generously sprinkled with smoked pancetta. Classic caesar dressing. Romaine was decently crispy for February.

Pan-seared Pickerel Cheeks - They were pretty tasty, but a little on the chewy side (which may be normal, although I have found other fish cheeks to be very tender). The fried wonton chips and lemon butter dip made the whole thing a little greasy, although the chips were kind of addictive. A smattering of baby spinach soaked up any oils that found their way to the bottom of the serving dish.

Lobster Poutine - Excellent, thin, skin-on fries. Succulent chunks of lobster. All good, but again I found the mascarpone butter sauce to be too rich for the other ingredients. The menu descriptions don't hide the richness, so if you find things too rich it's your own damn fault for ordering them! :-)

Buttered Cod with Frites - My favourite dish by far! Absolutely perfect, delectable, succulent, chunks of pan-fried cod. The frites were the same nice ones found in the lobster poutine.

I enjoyed a quarter litre of Sandbanks Riesling with my meal. Rieslings are the only whites I seem to enjoy and this was no exception. It was also my first experience with Prince Edward County wine. Thumbs up!

Bread was good standard baguette with a very nice herbed butter.

All in all we had a very good experience. It is newfie-style cuisine done up for fine dining. Lots of creativity, plenty of taste, but not a lot of vegetable matter.

2010 Feb 16
We came here on Saturday for dinner, and everything was very wonderful.

We started by sharing the beef carpaccio - this was the lowlight of the meal. The beef was amazing, very smooth and tender. But, it was supposed to be served with rock salt, none of which could be found. Also, the greens that accompany it were to have a tangy lemon vinagerette on them. There was a dressing of some sort, but it was more oily than tangy.

This did not hampen our spirits. Husband had the Ancho Lime chicken, which was super moist and something that I'm going to try and duplicate this week... I had the lobster diablo, wonderful ravioli stuffed with lobster and crab and finished with a delicious peppery cream sauce with more lobster.

Dessert. I cannot say enough about the bread pudding. It's to die for. Husband had the maple cheesecake which was a perfect mix of sweet and crisp and creamy.

All in all, we were very happy when we left.

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2011 Jul 14
Absolutely love the lobster poutine! A great deal for the money and very tasty!

2010 Mar 15
My husband and i had a lunch today.
We heard about Petit Bill's has a reputation but food was disappointed.
I started with beets salad that it wasn't reasonable price, yellow beet was over over cooked and i paid $14.
We studied at Le cordon bleu, many friends recommended and they likes Lobster poutine.
It was soggy fries with broken sauce. I could taste any of Mascapone flavors. It was pretty gross.
I believe that ratings can be very deceptive.
But waitress was nice otherwise pricey and nothing special.

2009 Dec 23
What more can I say that other's haven't already said? Lobster, on mascarpone cheese sauce, on fries, with lobster butter drizzled over top. I put some fresh ground pepper on mine to add a bit of zing, the only thing that could make this dish better would be... some fresh shaved truffles!

2009 Jan 11
Lobster poutine: Chunks of lobster, broiled in butter with marscapone cheese sauce on top of delightly crispy yet tender shoestring fries. I first thought that the delicate flavour of the lobster would be overshadowed by the other flavours but boy was I wrong. This dish is amazing. Try it, that's all I can say.

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2009 Dec 23
They served Clocktower beer on draught here, a pale ale, apparently. I thought it was unusual to see their beer in an establishment other than their own, not necessarily an unwelcome addition! Very cool to see!

2015 Jul 10
My partner and I got a pair of Bill's Burgers on a recent visit, and we both thought it was outstanding-- near, if not at the top of our list of Ottawa burgers. Definitely beats out a couple more expensive options elsewhere in town.

Super friendly service and owner, too. Have to make a point to come here more often.