479 Bronson Ave
Ottawa, ON K1R6J7
Phone: 613.230.2088

Jak's Kitchen
Jak's Kitchen
Jak's Kitchen
Jak's Kitchen
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2016 Oct 22
Good catch! There was a choice of many different meats, I went with smoked salmon. 3 pieces were included which I felt was generous for the price.

2016 Oct 22
Besides the 2 eggs, toast, potatoes and coffee, what else was included for $12.50?

2016 Oct 22
Got two delicious perfectly cooked eggs over easy, delicious home made toast, amazing crispy on the outside soft on the inside home fries and coffee for 12.50 before tip. Service was great, I can see why there's lineups out the door. Best breakfast I've had in Ottawa hands down.

2013 Nov 17
Montreal Benedictine - Generous portion of smoked salmon and lemon chive creme fraiche on a sesame bagel. Eggs were flawlessly poached but the real star of the show were the perfectly salted home fries. Delicious!

2013 Jan 23
Am I the only one that feels uncomfortable with the idea of ordering "Jak's Juices"?

2013 Jan 20
I had the poached eggs with corn and red pepper coulis on a black bean cake, with salad and a buttermilk biscuit on the side.

Service was terrific and friendly. Coffee was just okay, but it was plentiful. I wasn't crazy about the salad dressings - I really need to remember to ask for dressing on the side. It was too heavy for a breakfast salad.

The black bean cakes were delightful and crispy, I enjoyed figuring out all of the textures and tastes. The eggs were poached perfectly, the potatoes were delightful tiny spuds, and the buttermilk biscuit melted in my mouth.

I was disappointed with the "Jak's Juices", which were store bought and sweet; a few good fresh made juices are so much better than over sugared store juices. Although I can understand the space constraint, it is a bit of false advertising to call them "Jak's Juices". Finally, the jam was a really sweet one, preserves would have been better for the biscuit.

Overall, though, I'd go back for sure.

2012 Aug 10
Weíve had brunch here on several occasions and we havenít had a bad time yet. Hereís a break down of the good and the bad.

- Eggs benedict, eggs perfectly poached and awesome hollandaise
- All their breads are homemade
- $8 for breakfast is a good deal in my books, especially for eggs benny
- Excellent sized portions, I leave full but not stuffed

- Service is hit or miss, sometimes itís fine other times it seems the server really doesnít want to be working
- Juice is $4 a glass and itís not freshly squeezed.

Weíll continue to go back, itís good value for breakfast and the food is always top notch.

2012 Jul 17
Had been here for dinner several years ago but was interested in trying their breakfast which is served until 3pm everyday (except Monday when the restaurant is closed). As well, they start serving their lunch menu at 11am so if you go after that you have a lot of choice.

We were very happy with what we picked - one from the breakfast menu and one from the lunch menu. The portions were quite substantial. All were made with fresh ingredients.

- St. Albertís omelette that had cheese curds with scallions, tomatoes and fresh basil Ė a fluffy egg creation
- Jacques Monsieur - capicolo ham, gruyŤre cheese and diablo sauce between thick slices of egg coated bread, this came with a side salad

As mentioned by others, they usually have a patio on McLeod St. which I wished was open but it is completely understandable that they have not set it up this summer with the construction happening on Bronson.

I would definitely recommend a visit.

2012 Jun 2
A brunch mainstay, but we went back to Jaks for dinner for the first time in a long time tonight. Very different atmosphere with the construction going on...just quiet, both outside and inside the restaurant (one table seated when we arrived around 8pm).

We ordered the bean cakes to start, a bit overcooked but the salsa was amazing. The right amount of spice for my tastes.

My wife ordered the Smoked Tofu, which she quite enjoyed. The quinoa salad was a nice touch too.

I had the Jak's Burger, which was a delicious (if a bit rich). Once I see brie and carmelized onions I stop reading a menu to be honest. The coleslaw was also really good - nice amount of dill and vinegar, although admittedly combined with the burger it made for a heavy meal. The taro chips were a perfect compliment, and didnt last long.

Finished with the maple creme brulee. My wife enjoyed this more than I did - maple taste was too subtle for me. The biscotti was a nice surprise though.

The owner(I think) was super nice, very attentive without being overbearing.

For the most part, Bronson is a depressing place for food. Glad to see Jak's has kept its "diamond in the rough" character, even with a backhoe parked outside the front door. Will be back again soon.

2011 Oct 30
Disappointed and underwhelmed

Was debating whether to go to to Art is In or Jak's for Sunday brunch today with my brother. I had never been to Jaks and had heard many positive reviews on this site as well as Urbanspoon. The place always looks full whenever I drive by so we decided on Jak's.

There were two tables free(luckily) and the friendly waitress asked us to sit whereever we wanted(nice). Coffee came quickly after and two glasses of water which was a nice touch. The menu had a nice selection but I was in the mood for pancakes. I ordered the flap jaks(with berry coulis) and brother ordered the eggs benny. Service was prompt and she came back for coffee refills every 5 minutes or so.

Breakfast arrived in about 10 minutes or so, My plate had two medium sized pancakes with a touch of whipped cream. They had ran out of berry coulis so got a tablespoon size amount of apples fried with cinnamon. Two pancakes for $9.00. I would love to say that they were spectacular but they were ok. It was definitely overpriced for what I got and won't be ordering that same dish again.

I gave my brother a taste and he said it was nothing special. I was hoping to hear better news from his side of the table on the eggs benny but he found the flavour of the hollandaise to be too lemony for his taste as he expected a more vinigar flavour. He said he wouldn't be back, and I likely won't either.




2010 May 31
4 of us went to Jak's Kitchen for brunch (located at 479 Bronson Avenue, just north of the Queensway on the east north corner of McLeod) following the 1/2 marathon (not me!) race on National Capital Race Weekend. The place was busy and we had to wait. Nice problem to have for them since it was already past 1 pm. The brunch does carry on until 3:00 pm. They have room for about 24 inside and a dozen plus on the patio. It is wee but has a nice cozy atmosphere. You can look right into the kitchen and watch the action first hand. I can't imagine they can swing a cat in there but they did seem to make it all work.

We loved the toasted molasses-oat bread. Although we didn't pick up any on our visit, it was good to know that they do sell their bread for $5 a loaf.

The homemade strawberry jam was also delicious and went well with the toast as the toast also had a hint of cinnamon.

And any of us with the kitchen greens as a side just loved the dressing on the very fresh greens.

Although the eggs were a wee bit cold, we had such a positive overall experience we would like to go back again for brunch but to also try a dinner experience.

I took just a ton of pictures so perhaps you would like to see them and read more on my blog.


2008 Jul 24
I always saw Stonefaced Dolly's as being the best breakfast in town, no competition. However, as the months got warmer, I noticed an increasingly large line out their door (despite construction), and an increasingly short temper on their wait staff (whom I love dearly).

As a result, my partner and I tried Jak's a few weeks ago, and we are hooked. Not only is there no wait (though about half to 3/4 of the tables are full) to get in, the food is downright incredible, and the three times that we've been in the last two months, we have been impressed with the service.

The double standard breakfast (3 eggs, two meats, roasted potatoes, double order of toast, and fruit) is a good value and their other specialities breakfasts (omlettes with ridiculously amazing cheese, veggies and meats, or macs--fried eggs on your choice of bread with equally amazing toppings) are equally good in value and down right wonderful.

The only thing that this place is lacking is some good pancakes (found at Stonefaced Dolly's), otherwise I see them succeeding in the long run on account of word of mouth.