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The ONFC has a vast selection of foods in their catalog. Most local health food stores are supplied by them, in fact, so many things you can get there you can get here at the same price that the local stores buy it for before they mark it up.

Foods from Ontario Natural Foods Co-op


2015 Jun 19
They have a web site. Why don't you call/email them?

2015 Jun 19
How do I join ONFC club in Ottawa/Kanata area?

2007 Mar 15
We set up a buyer's club about 2 years ago and have been going strong ever since. The ONFC are difficult to deal with in that they often don't answer emails nor phonecalls, and do not seem to have any interest in improving their fairly shoddy ordering system. But the prices just keep bringing you back so what can I say. They have everything from staples to gourmet food. Some of the finest chocolates, candies, cookies and such in the world, along with great prices on flours, grains, organic foods and lots more. The upside outweighs the fairly annoying downside, at least so far :-)

Setting up a buyer's club is easy - I think you only need 5 families. They have a very good starter's kit they send for free to all families, with full details on what you need to do. It's all free up til your first order of course :-)