Foods from Epicuria


2009 Jul 23
BEST Ginger cookies I've ever eaten. In. My. Life. A friend turned me onto them years ago and I've been on a quest to find better ones elsewhere, one that I've given up on.

The ginger cookies (not snaps) are big, sprinkled with a sugar coating, thick and supremely chewy, very gingery. I speculate they use the triple ginger technique (fresh, powdered and grated candied ginger), but it's pure speculation. I've also tried to recreate them, to no avail. Just get them, and if you buy six you avoid the tax.

These cookies have converted people, folks!

I'll have to add a picture. A guilty pleasure is to tear them up in bits and add them to a bowl of healthy cereal. They soak up the milk, yet refuse to desintegrate or lose their chew. Need I say more?

I wasn't a fan of Epicuria's pear salad vinaigrette. I thought it didn't have enough of pear or punch, but it's the only dissapointment I've had from this great catering/take out company/bakery.

2007 Feb 24
I had the takeout Vegetable Curry for $5.95 and made some basmati rice at home to go with. Just enough hotness to it without burning your mouth!

This caterer/gourmet take home foods/grocery spot is right in New Edinburgh (I labelled it under Byward Market since there is no New Ed. tag?...) off Beechwood on Mackay St. They have everything from salads, take home/ready made meals, to chocolates and bread! Some specialty grocery items too.