This vendor no longer exists!


Tags: Bakery · Grocery · Vanier
Da Bombe Dessert Factory specializes in individual desserts, including cheesecakes, mousse cakes and small pies. Da Bombe is located in New Edinburgh.

Foods from Da Bombe Dessert Factory


2010 Dec 7
Has anyone tried any of the crepes or lunch options at Da Bombe?
I bought a peanut butter cup mousse cake-have not eaten much of it..waiting till I have dinner first.

There was also some pizza squares you could buy and those looked good.
Also saw some frozen take home foods like pizza squares (was cheaper),soups.

2010 Jan 24
Da Bombe is back up and running as of today at the corner of Beechwood and Mckay, right next to Farbs

2010 Jan 21
He found a location right next to Farbs and is going to be opening back up soon. I past by today and the place seems to be coming together.

2010 Jan 20
they're looking at going somewhere else on Beechwood.. hope it happens, I miss their food !

2010 Jan 20
This place went out of business in December, I'm a little overdue posting it here.