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Foods from Wellington Sandwiches


2014 Jul 25
Since I buy my lunch on Fridays and I am continuing my foodie crawl through Wellington West/Hintonburg I decided to head over to Wellington Sandwiches. It's a quaint little café on Wellington just past Parkdale. It's a charming little spot with maybe half a dozen tables and chairs and some magazines in a magazine rack near the entrance for those who want to peruse some reading material while eating their lunch. They have a breakfast menu (available until 11:00 am), cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, and wraps. A sandwich board outside advertized their special of the day consisting of a sandwich and either soup or salad for $6.99 so that's what I settled on. I ordered a tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread and a potato salad on the side. The sandwich was served on very fresh whole wheat but I agree with the comments below on the skimpiness of toppings - only one lettuce leaf and a dill pickle but overall the sandwich was very good. I received a generous serving of potato salad with not too much mayo and lots of fresh dill. Contrary to Germaine's much older post downthread the service today was excellent. I have no idea if the woman at the counter today was Fil but she was very friendly and welcoming. I'll definitely be back.

2014 Apr 5
Thanks very much Wellington Sandwiches for your generous contribution to the Connaught Public School Stone Soup fundraiser!

2010 Sep 17
Like most people on this site, I tend to favour local shops and restaurants over chains. I was craving Subway not long ago, as I sometimes do. After walking past Wellington Sandwiches a number of times with curiosity, I decided to give it a try and support a local business. What I ordered from the menu was a turkey and cheese on a Kaiser roll, with an array of veggie toppings. What I was handed was a turkey, cheese, lettuce and mayo on store-bought brown bread, for nearly $5. Did the bread AND veggie supplies not show up that day? I received no explanation for the change of bread/toppings. There was nothing technically wrong with the just wasn’t what was advertised, and I could have made the same sandwich at my own home for half the price. I assume that this place is great for people who work in the area and need a sandwich on the go...but just a warning not to expect any mind-blowing sandwich experiences. I’ll probably go back to Subway next time :-|

2010 Aug 24
i just had lunch here. I live in the area and find the service very inconsistent. Like Germaine says, there's nothing special about the food, beyond that its very home style. Sometimes a guy is just too lazy to make his own ham sandwich!

anyway - I get there, order my wrap, the owner takes her time finishing her dishes, and then finally gets started on my wrap.

I also ordered a stewarts cream soda - no offer to open it for me (its not a twsit off)

anyway - not sure why i keep coming back here.. especially with Cozmos' deli just a few more blocks down the street (great service, awesome paninis!)

2008 May 5
I won't go back! I have said this 4 times now ... in the last 4 years that I moved to this area I have gone and said "I won't go back". The thing is the food is ok/good, like the food you would make for lunch at your house. Homemade split pea soup...brown bread (not homemade bread but still fresh bread) sammies like tuna salad (like I said - like the ones you'd make at home).BUT - big BUT here...the service and the attitude of the Phil/Fil the owner is so BAD that each time I have gone there I think how can someone so rude still be in business? Its not like the food is outrageously good! I tired a few times (lunch on the weekend during a kitched renovation) but out of the 4 or 5 times I have been there I think to myself - the attitude is not worth it. I would just go somewhere else...I tried this weekend again and not to my surprise Phil/Fil the owner didn't even turn around and acknowledge me and my daughter at the counter for a good 10 mins! by this time - i knew she had seen me...I took a juice from the cooler and sat my daughter down and went back up to counter to order (the place was full - every table occupied all 5 of them). when she yelled out that the table next to ours order was ready (the atmosphere was tense - everyone looked like they were in trouble - like the soup nazi)...she said to them here is your wrap and sandwich and there is only enough soup for half an order. (the client took his food and slinked apology from her (Phil/Fil) and then it was my turn...I just said, I want to pay for my juice, put a twoonie on the counter - grabbed my daughter and ran for the next Works for a burger and some half decent service, a smile or even a sideways glace. My husband and his work collegues frequent the place and I am insisting he not return out of principle! or else. I can see if the place is busy or if you are running out of food at 12;30 on saturday you might be stressed but why each time that I go I feel unwelcomed and that she is just peeved to be there! get another job then. We will not be going back EVAH!