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Specialities: Beefsteak and Seafood

Located in a small charming house in the old Aylmer area. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Le Bifstro Marin
Foods from Le Bifstro Marin

2009 Sep 12

I visited this place for the first time on Sept 11/09. I was very impressed! I should say that I'm not from Ottawa, but I have lived here for about a year now and have been thinking that the area as a whole is generally lacking in places to get good food. I am glad I made the drive out to this restaurant. I highly recommend it.
My entree was the linguini 'Flo's Style' (in a pesto-tomato sauce). I was served a very nice starter salad. Then, my first thought upon the plate being put in front of me was the presentation: beautiful. They truly care about what they do. A garnish of perfectly grilled veggies and twist of orange was delightful, and the dish itself was generous (many large shrimp and scallops, cooked perfectly) and full of flavour. They must make their own pesto from herbs that they grow.
My boyfriend ordered a salad and garlic bread. The salad consisted of an excellent mix, with just the right amount of dressing and a generous helping of sliced almonds. The bread had fresh garlic roasted and hand spread.
A job well done, I felt like this was a family run place, and they are passionate about good cooking!
Check it out!!

pasta - 21.95, worth every penny.

2009 Aug 20
Heard good things so we decided to check it out. Arrived late on a busy Friday night. Service was very good which was surprising with the number of people there.

Started with scallops wrapped in bacon. Five or six ?? Broiled scallops wrapped with nice almost crisp bacon. Cooked perfectly.

My better half ordered the Rib eye rare. It came accompanied with home pommes frites and grilled vegetables. The steak was cooked perfectly and the portion seemed larger than the 12 ounce indicated on the menu. This steak was obviously procured from the local butcher. It was about an inch thick and didn't look at all like the same standard steak you get at the chains in Ottawa. It was tender moist and full of flavour from the grill. It was lightly seasoned with Montreal steak spice. The frites were home cut and superb. Crisp and flavourful. The vegetables were grilled to perfection. Not overdone, crisp and still slightly crunchy. The best steak he's had in the area.

Birthday girl (me) :-) ordered the linguini and it surpassed my expectations. Fresh pasta al dente with 3 huge sea scallops and a generous amount of large shrimps grilled to succulent perfection in a rich creamy garlicky Alfredo sauce. The accompanying vegetables were also beautifully done. Leftovers came home for lunch next day. A great location, excellent service and great food served in generous amounts. If you want above average steak and seafood this is the place. The secrets out!

The Bifstro Rib Eye $22, 95
Seafood Linguini Alfredo $23.95
Scallops Wrapped in Bacon $9.50

2009 Mar 29
I have been there only three times, sadly... I love this place! Hands down, my favorite restaurant!

The food is excellent, the portions generous and the service is very friendly. Despite a steep increase in prices, it is still relatively affordable and definately worth it!

On my first visit, I have had the cajun shrimps and it was cooked and seasonned to perfection, just spicy enough for me. I had a hard time not going "hmmm..." each time I put a bite in my mouth!

The second time, I tried the skewers of seafood, wich were plump, juicy, not chewy at all, but a bit too simplistic for my bored taste buds. It felt really healty and satisfying, though!

The last time we went, I returned to my cajun shrimp, and it was as good as the first time!

My spouse tried the filet mignon and the New Yorker and they were really, really good! He let me try a (few) bites each time and I can attest that they were simply "melt in your mouth" delicious.

The only problem (if it is a problem for you!) is that it is fairly loud in there. People having lively conversations around a good meal is normal to me (I am a Francophone), but it was a bit too much at times for my husband. The food makes up for it, though!

Give it a try! You might have to make reservations near the weekend.

2007 Feb 8
I just looked at the food menu and it IS very creative! Every onlne menu should be like this, not those long lists where you have to scroll down and eventually get lost.

2007 Feb 6
I love how their online food menu breaks every traditional graphic design rule yet is somehow perfectly effective and beautiful in its own way. It's one of the few menus I've seen that fits nicely on one screen. I get a kick out of anomalies like this.

It sounds like a neat place!

2007 Feb 6
Well I'm sad to say I haven't been here yet! Even though I live in Aylmer and grew up here. This place is located right around the corner from where I grow up. I've heard great reviews by friends and family members. I'm told the chef is great and the food is excellent! I'm hoping to try it out very soon!

2007 Feb 6
This is a very nice restaurant that is worth a try.

They specialized in Grilled steak and seafood. The restaurant is located in a nice renovated house located in the Old Aylmer area, walking distance from the Marina.

It is small and has great atmosphere. The food is excellent and affordable.

I Highly recommended. Their menu is listed on the website.