Breakfast and lunch only. Closes at 3pm. Closed Mondays.
2498 County Road 29 N -- on the main street through town; hard to miss.
Ph. 613-624-5442

Foods from Watt's Cooking (Pakenham)


2007 Jan 28
Short and simple menu -- unsurprising given a kitchen not much different from what you probably have at home.

Well-regarded, it seems, by locals; I was curious.

Lunch was:

-- an egg salad sandwich on their multigrain bread. Bread excellent, egg salad tasty, tomato slices fresh and ripe. The bread alone said very nice things about this unprepossessing little spot.

-- a burger. Comment: 'The Prime Minister wouldn't eat this burger, but I would.' Sloppy and tasty.

-- cream of mushroom soup. 'It doesn't taste like Campbell's. It tastes like yours.' (Meant, yes, as a compliment.)

With (non-alcoholic -- no license) drinks, and tax, $18.50.

It was not unlike eating at a friend's place. Unsophisticated good food. Would that more places were like that -- cheap but 'unprocessed,' so to speak.

House-made salsas, marmalade, etc for sale in lobby, too.