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Foods from Goldstein Food Market


2010 Dec 3
After 2.5 years of this retail space being vacant a Dollarama will be opening at this location:

Even though Dollarama is my favourite dollar store I would love to have seen a grocery store there and preferably a cheaper option to Loblaws/Hartmans. (A Food Basics or Price Chopper or even a Produce Depot would have been nice...)

2007 Jul 9
Great news! I just hope plans don't change and we end up with another block of condos.

2007 Jul 9
It looks like Goldsteins will be closing their doors this Friday July 13th since the owner is retiring. The sign in the window indicates the official closing date is on the 30th but everything is on sale for half price and there isn't much left. Apparently Loblaws bought the building. It will be closed for awhile while the space undergoes renovations then reincarnated as another grocery store. Hopefully the new place will offer fresher foods at more reasonable prices...

2007 Apr 25
I hear you on catering to the single eater, but. The Hasty Market on Metcalfe sells fresher stuff...

If you're looking for take-away dinner on Elgin, get thee to Fettucine's. (Or Boushey's. Or...)

2007 Apr 23
Shortcomings aside, I really appreciate Goldstein's. The pre-cooked meals have saved me on a number of occassions after a long day of work. I also like that they cater somewhat to the single eater, with smaller sized portions of things like cheese. They also carry the President's Choice line of products at prices that are not that much more than at Loblaws -- this place is no Hasty Market at least.

2007 Jan 10
The place is a joke and survives only because of location. I'd love for it to die and be reincarnated as a respectable supermarket.

2007 Jan 9
I concur with kmennie. I no longer live in Centretown and don't miss Goldstein's one bit. Packaged goods do not move quickly -- check the expiration dates.

2006 Dec 16
I love the open-to-11 aspect, but, other than that it's a bit of a write-off.

It's overpriced. Years ago, a friend called it "the largest convenience store in Eastern Ontario," which was hilariously apt.

The produce section is a disaster.

A lot of their little take-away section is regularly awful. Browning salads!

It reminds me of a small-town supermarket near my family's cottage that has since gone under. Dusty staples at big prices, nothing 'gourmet,' &c. Wait: the small-town one wasn't nearly that bad -- it just seemed blah to a kid from the city. Goldstein's is infinitely worse.

I loathe them for being so close, open so late, and offering so little. I pick up said dusty staples when the other stores are closed, and that's it. I don't expect them to survive much longer; I have no idea how they managed to stay open and the Centretown Loeb didn't.