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Harvest Loaf
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2014 Jan 4
Wow, that is sad. Great bread.

2014 Jan 4
Sign on the window - out of business as of January 1st

Very sad :-(

2013 Feb 21
Oops, forgot my picture!

2013 Feb 21
I like this place. It always smells so good, and it's so easy to walk in and buy something small and delicious. I went in today for a nice fresh loaf of bread (pictured is the 9 grain) and walked out with a beef fried samosa! Pleasantly surprised! It was so good! I need to go back hahaha. It had the right amount of spice for me, and wasn't dry. The bread, as you can see I haven't had yet, but it feels soft.
I wish they had more 'hearty' breads. Maybe like a vegetable focaccia, or cheese breads.
I also wish this place was on my way to work in the morning so I could stop in and get a croissant. :)

2011 Nov 27
Good croissants and cinnamon buns as usual. Tried their sourdough French bread for the first time the other day which was excellent for sandwiches!

2010 Nov 20
One of the reasons I love dealing with small local places like this. Was driving past last night just minutes before closing, so stopped and rushed in and managed to grab a loaf of whole wheat day-old (half price). Only to realise when I got to the counter with it that I was out of money. "Just pay us next time you are in" she said, "I recognise you, you're in here a lot"

2009 May 14
Ha, ha, that's hilarious! I am actually a bit dyslexic and it's bitten me again! Sorry about that.

2009 May 14
First of all, I wrote "uninformed" as in not informed not "uniformed"!

Secondly, I actually don't have a problem with their products it is the service (and I've only had this problem with the one person who always seems to be working when I go in, so I don't mean to attack the whole store). I just think for the prices they charge I expect that the staff at a bakery to know what brioche is (a very common french bread, they've offered it at Loblaws for crying out loud). It wasn't just that she didn't know what it was, it was that she just dismissed me, without asking me to repeat myself (if she couldn't understand me) or asking me to describe it etc. Just gave me the total for what I had already asked for. Her entire demeanor was rude (and being new is no excuse for that). I wasn't really expecting them to carry the product (they're not a french bakery after all) I was just inquiring about what they stocked since I couldn't read all of the labels on their bins. Considering their was no one else in the store I don't think answering some questions about what they make is too much to ask for!

2009 May 14
Their bread is fantastic! And I'm not sure what Sadie is talking about because the staff is always extremely friendly with me. Who cares if they wear a uniform for goodness sakes! And Sadie, did you think that perhaps your pronunciation of "brioche" may not be up to snuff? Or perhaps too up to snuff (they'd only heard it pronounced wrong). Or maybe the person was new. I should add that I have no idea what that is :-)

2009 May 14
Sadie, my friend Tim is the bread baker at Harvest Loaf. He worked at Pan Chancho in Kingston for 6 years and is re-working some of HL's formulas. I suggest you at least try out the breads.


2010 Dec 9
I got to try one of the samples on the counter today - very good! Would definitely buy some if I were not unemployed.

2006 Dec 5
From a quest for great Tourtière by "seanchaidh" on LiveJournal (

"So far, so good. Both myself and my Acadian roommate are enjoying it; it reminds my roomie of her grandmother's tourtiere."

2007 Mar 31
They have plain white and hearty multigrain and whole wheat depending on who bakes and what time of the week it is it seems :-) Excellent buns that beg for 1/4 lb or more burgers flash-grilled extremely thinly about 2 to 3 minutes each side. Yum! Well done folks!

2010 Dec 9
I got a tiny sized Mince Meat sampler tart there today - really tasty!