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Foods from Sirolas Steak House


2007 Jul 25
I've been here a few times in the past when i was living near there (end 2006/beginning 2007) and it was "average". The food was ok, it's a steakhouse, but the service was so-so.

Last january i ended up there on a friday night when there was a bit of a snow storm and i ordered the escargots as an entrée, and a good steak as the main meal.

2 waiters and their boss were standing right next to my table for about 5 minutes discussing (and they weren't whispering) the weather and who would be sent home because there was not a lot of clients.
1 staff member then went to the washrooms (the same used by clients, which you rarely or never see in restaurants). I agree with Anthony Bourdain on this subject: staff should have their own washrooms seperate and away from clients' notice. Of course, we all know they have to go to the washroom sometimes, we just don't want to see it. ;)

I don't know, the experience was average. The food is ok, and there's a piano player sometimes, so you see lots of people still go there, but i didn't like it enough to go back.

tip: there's a 5:30 menu. If you get there before 5:30pm every day, you can order off their "before 5:30" menu, and it's cheaper.