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Boko Bakery
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2013 Oct 7
They warned 10 days ago that they are stopping production of "croissant doughnuts" for a while:

"Oh croissant doughnut you were awesome! We will be taking a break from the fried phenomenon for the next little bit but rest assured we have something amazing in the works. Stay tuned!"


[EDIT: The "something amazing" turns out to be the Wookie -- a cross between a waffle and a cookie. haha]

2013 Oct 6
if you haven't heard, Boko has been doing their own take on the famous (infamous?) Cronut. they come out at high noon on weekdays.

while i have not sampled the original NYC version, Boko's take definitely seems to have more of a doughnut slant than flaky/layered croissant. sorry - no cross section for your viewing pleasure, but there's a thin layer of jam stuffed in there (this certainly made the whole thing come off as some sort of Tim Horton's treat).

if you're a pastry fan i'd say it's worth trying just for the novelty.

2008 Jan 14
Last night, we tried the sweet italian braided bread. It was delicious; savory & sweet. Not so delicious was the gelatinous strawberry rhubarb pie, which was a little more on the toast-and-jam side taste and texture-wise. :(

2006 Nov 22
I tried their chocolate tart and cookies. Pretty good! Besides, I like it that they are not too sweet.

Today (Dec. 3), I also tried their chocolate filled croissant that I bought the day before. Toasted it in the oven, it became crispy again. Good treat for a late Sunday morning.


2006 Nov 22
Boko sells a European-style bread roll called "Brötchen" (it's German for "roll" -- literally "little bread"). This thing is so buttery and yummy that it would be a crime to eat it with anything else. It's kind of a cross between a croissant and a giant Kaiser roll. ;-)

That said, it's been a few years since I had one.. I hope they still sell it.


2011 Aug 1
Went there this past Sunday, tried the 'almond paste' croissant, absolutly terrible! super dry, stale tasting and the almond 'paste' seemed to be so absorbed due to the overall dryness of the croissant that i could barely detect it's presence. my jaw hurt from the chewing and the last end bite sent shards of croissant flake shrapnel flyng out of my mouth. DISGRACEFUL performance, shut down and open back up when your bakers care!

2008 Jul 16
I can't believe that nobody has mentioned Boko Croissants yet!

Buttery and soft on the inside, crisp and flaky on the outside. They are an absolute delight!

My favorite breakfast is to pick up a Bridgehead coffee and a Boko Croissant on my way to work.