"Your one-stop pasta shop." Take-away, with a few small bar stools for eating on the premises. Pasta, sauces, pasta dishes ready for the oven, various antipasti-style cold side dishes.

Foods from Fettucine's


2006 Nov 7
Quite good; just the right amount of everything. Comes with spaghetti on the side.



2007 Oct 25
Just picked up some pasta from here on Monday.

My favorites that they carry are:

-black pepper spaghetti SO GOOD!
-spinach and cheese ravioli, I need to ask what cheese they use as it's not the typical ricotta

I've never had bad pasta from this place. Worth the price in my opinion.

2007 Sep 25
My office used to have Fettucine's cater for lunches once in awhile and they had these great paninis and sides of pasta salad/broccoli salad. Thumbs up.