Open from 8am to 3pm each Sunday until the end of October.

Ottawa Farmer's Market
Ottawa Farmer's Market
Ottawa Farmer's Market
Ottawa Farmer's Market
Ottawa Farmer's Market
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2011 Jul 10
Decided to do lunch at the farmers market and went for the pizza again. The prices have gone up by a dollar for the pepperoni but stayed the same for the Margherita. We not satisfied with the Margherita seems basil must have been in short supply today. Nothing was said since it is pretty obvious there was no basil on the pizza.

2011 Jun 12
Just got back from trying a new vendor at the market. Wood Fired Pizza is what read on the sign on the tent. After reading the article in The Ottawa Citizen we had to try this place out. Glad we did. Good pizza. This is the second good pizza we have had in the past month. I tried the bison pepperoni with red onions and olives all very fresh and flavorful. My wife had the bison pepperoni and olive. Hers was a tad over cooked but still tasty except for one part of the edge. Mine was very tasty with the tomato sauce so different that the norm around the city being the Mid East style of pizza. My only gripe is only one size available a personal pie. I'm hoping the trend for this style of pizza catches on and techniques will improve as to be able to order large pizzas for us big pizza eaters.

2010 Nov 19
I just want to mention that i'm going to miss the Bearbrooke Farm breakfast/lunch counter horribly until May 2011. They do to 'farmer's breakfast' what Bruce Lee did to nunchucks... okay i don't know what that means but they make a really awesome breakfast and it kills me that i can't get it anywhere when the Market is done for the year.

The oatmeal pancakes are dense, super tasty circles of joy slathered in homemade fruit compote or maple syrup. The bacon and back bacon and piggy goodness. And the potatoes... i don't know whose idea it was to put large amounts of bacon and pork into those thinly slices potatoes but can we please preserve their brain for future generations? Please?

Eggs are tasty, tho dense and heavy as opposed to light and fluffy if you swing that way. The chili is excellent, meaty goodness with a bit of kick.

Wild boar ragout and burgers look great too bit i don't care if i'm there at 2:55pm i'm going for breakfast!

Will be back. Will send others. Will stare longingly at Landsdowne parking lot until May next year...

2010 Jul 30
I forget the vendor... not helpful but pretty carrots eh?! lol

2010 May 10
I was there too! Bright and early! I was in a good mood for the rest of the day. I can't believe how much I've missed it.

I bought some hot sauce and maple butter that I'm giving away as a prize on my blog. John, Monsieur Hotsauce aka Chamomile Desjardins, was kind enough to throw in a bottle for me! How nice... and appreciated! It was delicious!

I also got some rhubarb, and asparagus, and feta (Oh The Feta From Canreg - so. good.) and some cukes... and some Art-is-in bread... then I ran out of money and had to go home!

I've missed my 'friends' so much. Can't wait til next Sunday!

Thanks for the tip on the chickens Snoopy...

2010 May 10
Oh, I haven't gotten my chicken yet, I just picked up the form. I'm getting it from the Natural Lamb farmer $150 for 5 chickens (6-8 lbs post butchering weight). Their first chickens will be available in July. You can go visit your chickens if you like! :)

2010 May 10
snoopy loopy who did you get your chicken from? I have been buying my chickens from a guy at the farmers market in Ottawa South however he is no longer raising his chickens and his kids aren't interested in taking over the farm. If I can find someone at Lansdowne that would be so much more convenient...

2010 May 10
I too was there. There are a couple of new stalls there that I'll probably end up checking out. I'm intrigued with the $10 T-bone Angus beef, and I picked up a chicken CSA form from one of the farmers there. I also want to try Bread and Dough.

2010 May 10
hipfunkyfun It looks like there were two of us foodies at the market yesterday and perhaps the first time it snowed during my walk there-;) Agreed there were mostly meats there yesterday but it is still early in the growing season. We may not see more veggies for another month yet. I did however get my hands on a chicken patty from the Piggy Market (it was delicious!) as well as an almond croissant from Délice Royale which I had for breakfast this morning.

2010 May 9
the market is back. today was the first day. there was asparagus - $6 (ouch!). some new vendors, there seemed to be a lot more meat sellers this year. prices are higher this year, which is going to affect my ability to shop there.

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2006 Oct 23
hey you can get awesome apple butter at the lansdowne market every sunday between 10am and 4pm until the last weekend of october (as in next weekend or wait til spring). i tried it and am going back for a couple of jars to last the winter. at 4 bucks a jar its great price too, but the taste is what matters.



2007 Oct 23
I bought 1 lb of frozen ground bison here. They (Pykview Meadows) also have burger patties and steaks. I used the meat for tacos-deelish!