Foods from Gloria's Pizza

2009 Jun 18
This is the best basic pizza I've had in Ottawa, although you will pay a bit more for that. Don't get the special low fat cheese or whole wheat crusts though, there are better places for that. They also have excellent other fare, such as subs and poutine. Also has * extremely* friendly service.



2009 May 29
I made the mistake of ordering pizza from here last night and it is probably the worst pizza in Ottawa which doesn't say much since there are not many good places to get a pie here. Not sure what type of cheese was on it but I don't think it was real. The sauce was overpowering,olives had no taste,peppeeroni resembled some mystery meat. I'm waiting for The Grand to settle before I go. Summer trip to Chigago to Lou Malnati's will spoil me even more on bad pizza in Ottawa.