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2015 Aug 25
Toppers is alright in a pinch.. if I need pizza at 1:00am..
The boneless chicken here is very similar to dominoes pizza. I had them along with a medium pizza.. was pretty good. Not a fan of the really salty faux bacon crumble they offer and prefer real bacon strips. The house dip is really tangy.. walked in the Orleans location and food was ready in about 15 min max. Fresh and hot but nothing is really authentic.. I find the pizza similar to domino's.

2012 Oct 23
So the other night i ordered a Tropical Heat wave from the Toppers on Merivale rd.
I can't believe it. Who knew those things would go so well together? The pizza was amazing. And now all i can think about is that damn pizza.

At 10am. But it's the specialty day, so i'm going back as soon as i'm finished work!

I have tried several, Chicken Bruschetta, the tropical one the other night, the ten topper, their all good, i'm such a food freak that every time i order i don't let them cut it so i can take pictures of the pizza before i eat it, it's like art. damn delicious art!

They are so nice, the pizzas are made pretty fast, and they look and smell wicked! And the taste! Oh don't get me started! The dough is light and tastes great! the toppings are so fresh and everything seems to be placed just right so that it's like a party in my mouth. Irresistible. Nothing tops Toppers. No wonder their called toppers!!!

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2012 Oct 23
something special, I too like some of Topper's weird combinations. When I want a regular pizza I order from Merivale these days, but I LOVE Topper's specialty pizza called "Thai Sensation". It has chunks of chicken, onion, roasted red peppers and a really nice sweet sauce on a garlic butter crust. I always order this for my friend who doesn't like "regular" pizza.

2007 Oct 24
The crust is excellent, but the toppings are scant and the flavours don't always mesh. The best way to order is to choose your own toppings rather than ordering a specialty pizza, and eat it right away! It is delicious when it is fresh, but does not sustain well afterwards.

2007 Sep 22
Tried Topper's (Orleans location) recently and I have to agree that the crust is really really good. I liked the cheese also. I however was not crazy about the toppings. We ordered a chicken bruschetta pizza and it was just chicken, tomatoes and loads of onions. I did not compare whatsoever to pizza pizza's version. If only I could take the toppings from pizza pizza and put them on topper's crust, it would be a near perfect pizza in my opinion. I also was pretty sick that night and I have a feeling it may have been from their dipping sauce which is the only thing I ate that my husband did not. It looked a little congealed and I had wondered if it wasn't refrigerated but shamefully I ate it anyway because it was tasty and I love a good dipping sauce. I might try the other location sometime and go for different toppings. They have buffallo wing pizza which sounds really good!

2006 Sep 25
They brag about their "Italian bread" crust and they deserve to. This pizza has great flavour and texture as long as it's fresh. Some pizzas are better cold from the fridge the next morning but not this one. Buy it for the crust and eat it fresh!