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This is for the MARKET/RETAIL side of the vendor. See Pelican Grill for the restaurant side.

Pelican Fishery
Foods from Pelican Fishery

2010 Sep 8
This is my go-to seafood shop - though admittedly, location is the strongest factor in that fact - I find it too hectic to venture into the market or out to the 'burbs to get stuff from Lapointe. That being said though - always fresh stuff here: scallops, fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, anything you want. You can also order fish in if you call a few days ahead of time if you want something special - I did this with sablefish a couple of weeks ago. The prices are excellent and service has always been fast and friendly. They also have a decent selection of smoked fish and gravalax, and lots of fun condiments and accoutrements :-)

2010 Mar 6
Here's a photo of some sushi we recently made with sushi-grade salmon bought at Pelican Grill. It tasted like butter. Great stuff.




2009 Feb 10
thanks Chimi
i forgot the Pelican will have thawed available

now it has me jonesing for NW spot prawns

2009 Feb 10
I'll second OB's recommendations - Pelican had some very nice looking ones this past weekend. When 1 fish 2 fish was open, they had some great wild gulf shrimp, alas, their doors have closed.

2009 Feb 10
you can find wild shrimp at both the Pelican Fishery and Jost Kaufman's
since Jeff pasted on, I have not kept in touch with LaPointe's wholesale

they are US white shrimp not Chinese or Thai or Mexican...those are all farmed

US white shrimp are wild caught using traps laid overnight

Stay as far away from farmed as the eco-impact is so devasting and the pens are never empty and there are reports of alarming rates of salmonella (as a sushi fan I love amaebi--raw live shrimp but now I refrain)

a note of warning about the wild shrimp though: they come in 5 pound blocks

I partially thaw them at home and peel em, bag em and freeze by the pound
shells saved for stock or bisque

hope this helps
*please peeps, always read the labels and place of origin*

2009 Mar 2
Lobster Base Better Than Bouillon can be found at Pelican and Merivale Fish Market (it's about $8-9), makes a good secret ingredient to boost your fish stews & soups without having to store lobster shells & shrimp shells in your freezer.