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2010 Dec 23
Do we know for certain that Yko is Yre?

I dearly hope so - that chicken is like crack. And the plantain a high addictive synthetic form of crack.

Which is appropriate consider the old location sort of looked like a crack house, but i digress...

2010 Dec 22
Popped by there tonight, it's now open under "Yko" at 375 McaArther. Same old smells, nice clean front room with looks like room for tables. Didn't get a chance to get any food, but just stopped in to say "hi". Will hopefully call ahead for a chicken tomorrow

2010 Oct 11
I drove by 375 McArthur over the weekend and while there's no official sign of Yre's they are doing some construction inside the unit.

2010 Oct 8
Sorry Diamondsir I misread your comment, I thought you had been. Looks like we are both looking for the same info!

2010 Oct 8
Tracinho, According to other comments made on the thread, Yre's BBQ has moved to 375 McArthur. But I haven't heard on whether they opened yet?

2010 Oct 7
Diamondsir can you confirm the address? Thanks..

2010 Oct 6
So has Yre's opened up in their new location finally, and if so has anyone been?
I've been to poulet DG in Gatineau and while they are very good indeed, I'm definitely on the Yre's team!

2010 Aug 23
Thanks for the update FF! I'm really looking forward to their new restaurant. I wonder if it'll still take 20 minutes to wait though... lol

2010 Aug 21
anniekins, I spoke with the owner of Mario's Food Centre a few weeks ago. He owns the entire building, including the portion that is to become YKO BBQ Chicken. He was excited about having them as a tenant because they offer the closest thing in Ottawa to authentic Portuguese churrasco chicken. (The two local vendors who have Portuguese churrasco chicken on their menus, are both guilty of not grilling over charcoal -- Nandos and Casa do Churrasco .)

So, barring unforeseen circumstances, it should appear there eventually!

2010 Aug 21
I believe Yre's has moved over to MacArthur Ave. along with a few of the businesses that were in that building which is scheduled for demolition.

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2008 Feb 10
This place is exactly what one craves in the winter. A delicious, char-grilled whole chicken with a side order of plantains. Unpretentious delectable food.
Just walking into this place, you know the chicken will be great - the inviting smell that lingers is enough to make you return.
I ordered ahead and my chicken was ready to go when I arrived. Note: they accept cash only.

2007 Dec 12
The chicken is unreal. Cooked perfectly, and the jerk spice is just right for heat and taste. You can get them to crank up the heat if you want it.

The couscous is ok, and the fried plantain are delicious. I have had some issues getting food in a timely manner, calling ahead and then sitting around for about 30 minuites... and i have trouble communicating with the staff, (i dont speak french) but with the help of some pointing and gesturing i was fine. Great stuff. Cooked over REAL charcoal


2009 Jul 12
best spicy fried plaintain you can find in an Ottawa restaurant...guaranteed.