Foods from Wong's Palace

Nov 26
Just heard second hand that Wong's is closing and their last day is this Friday, November 30th. The owners are retiring.

2010 Mar 14
We've had take out from here a few times, mostly because they're in our 'hood. I never remember it being particularly great but tonight's craving for fake Chinese food met with unusually poor results. Here's what we had:

* Egg Rolls (very good)
* Mushroom Chow Mein (not really terrible, but there was an unusual astringency that seemed to come from the mushrooms)
* Wong's Palace Fried Rice - the usual soy sauce rice with a few chunks of beef, chicken, and shrimp.
* Butterfly Shrimp - although they smelled like pure heaven in the car on the way home, these turned out to be a failure of epic proportions. $13.95 gets you 8 giant elongated chicken balls, each containing a smallish, butterflied, and very overcooked shrimp and a piece of bacon. Not crispy bacon, but bacon that was placed raw alongside the shrimp prior to being dipped in batter. The bacon is undercooked and the shrimp is overcooked, and the whole lot is blanketed in a thick bready chicken-ball batter.
* Steamed Rice (complimentary) - entirely unnecessary given our fried rice order, and entirely unwanted given its mushy blandness.

That said, I won't rule out dropping in once in a while for an egg roll or two!

2009 Feb 15
I feel like I been Wonged!

So here I am sitting at my computer at about 9pm, didn't have dinner, eating pretzels, thinking, I could go for some chinese take out right now.

I read some mixed reviews about Wong's and decided that I'd give it a shot as I don't live too far away and have tried most of the others in the area. I wasn't out for "authentic" chinese but I wasn't looking to get burned either.

I ordered Wong's Palace soup(3.85), BBQ pork(10.85) and Breaded shrimp(13.65).

The soup was the only decent value for the money. A nice mixture of chinese vegetables, chicken and pork.

The BBQ pork was outrageously overpriced , considering that most places average between $6.95-8.95 (Chinese grocers 4.99/lb!). I thought that maybe the portion was larger(?) No, infact the container was half full with shredded lettuce. The pork was on the dry side. I'm sure that for the price I got 1/3lb.

The shrimp were battered NOT breaded. Although they were freshly made and not particularly greasey, they were no better than freshly stocked chinese buffet shrimp. High batter to shrimp ratio-I would expect this at $9.95 not $13.95.

Mr Wong was polite and kind, but then again so are the ladies at Manchu Wok in Carlingwood for a 1/3 of the price.


2014 Jun 17
Confirmed winner (IMO) of the Ottawa Egg Roll Challenge!

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2010 Mar 14
These are the open-ended and meaty egg rolls. I think they were $1.35 each.