Foods from Won Ton House


2010 Sep 22
I haven't been there in a while, but when I lived in the neighbourhood, this was my regular Chinese restaurant.

The menu is largely Canadian Chinese, but it is very well done and flavourful. There are also some selections that are more common to proper chinese restaurants and they are also delicious. Everyone from your chicken ball and egg roll eater to your Dim Sum lover will find something good here.

Prices are reasonable. Kid friendly.

2010 Sep 11
I have sort of a mixed opinion of this place but will have to try more dishes to decide if I really like it or not.

I have to say, this is one of the nicest chinese restaurants I have been in. I like the decor and the thought put into it. I also like that there are several different rooms for diners rather than one big room. The service was very nice.

I ordered a couple of spring rolls and some salt and pepper squid.

The Spring rolls were a good size and reasonably priced but they had an odd taste to them- I could sort of taste white pepper but it wasn't particularly "spicy" the way white pepper is. Definately house made or hand made- I did not detect shrimp but there were supposed to be shrimp and pork in them.

The large order of salt and pepper squid was in my opinion over priced. It was good- I have had better. Some of the squid was a little over cooked but I have had portions of the same size for much less cost- this one was $15 and change.

This would definately be a place to go with a group and try a bunch of dishes as the atmosphere is nice. They have a very broad menu catering to a variety of tastes.

2009 May 21
We ordered from here on Sunday for us and two friends. It's fairly standard Canadian Chinese, and they have their full website online. They also deliver.

We ordered General Tao's Chicken, Szechuan style beef, Pork lo mein and spring rolls. The chicken was a bit sweeter than what I'm used to, but the beef was really nice. The Pork lo mein had more sprout in it than some of us wanted, but it was nonetheless really strong. I didn't have a spring roll, but people said they were good.

I guess what really impressed me was the fact that they deliver *and* have their menu online. We'll definitely order from here again, and maybe trying some of the more authentic stuff next time (I was out of the room when they ordered)...

2006 Sep 18
I haven't been here for years... looking at their website they have the fake stuff (Chop Suey, Guy Ding, etc) but also more authentic things like Peking Duck and Ma Po Tofu.