Foods from Urban Well


2011 Jan 13
We went here recently after seeing their sign advertising half-priced appetizers on Sundays after 4pm. It's 50% off with a beverage purchase.

I got a regular burger with fries, and they got a veg burger with fries. 2 bottles of Blue somehow cost us $10.

The regular burger was completely average, though the onions on top were crisp and seemed fresh. The patty itself seemed just one step above fast-food fare and was probably frozen. The patty was thin and sagged a bit. It was ok to eat, but that's all I can say. The veg burger was also nothing other than average.

The fries, though, were pretty good.. came sprinkled with what may have been parsley flakes, and spiced nicely.

The bill came to $25, which was reasonable for the meal, but I think that's probably about the right value.. wouldn't really want to have paid full price for what we got.

No plans to go back anytime soon, we'll probably stick to other places when looking for a fix of basic pub fare.

2006 Dec 10
I agree. Their burgers are good though.

2006 Sep 26
Definitely a place to go for the scene rather than the food. Both staff and patrons are either of the "beautiful people" or clearly wish they were. They attempt to get that urban chic thing into their menu, design and presentation, but flavours and ingredients never really impressed. I would recommend it only for a cocktail or pint by the fire.