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Foods from Brigadoon


2012 May 31
I occasionally have business in Merrickville and have usually been disappointed in the lunch offerings there. Yesterday I decided to stop at Brigadoon in Oxford Mills on a friend's recommendation.

Brigadoon is in a tin roofed heritage building with a full length porch decorated with lots of potted flowers. In the dining room, there are literally hundreds of tchotchkes; Old china, silver, lace, mounted swords etc. The demographic skewed very old at lunch yesterday, and we were the only ones in for lunch under 70, so the atmosphere was very much like having a tea party in an antique shop. Service was very welcoming and friendly, and our server's suggestion that she brew us some fresh iced tea was welcomed.

The menu had a number of appealing luncheon entrees priced between $14 and $21. A good range of seafood, poultry and meat options on offer, including a tempting Calf's liver and onions dish. It was one several selections at Brigadoon that I have not seen on menus for years.

I had the seafood Newburgh crepes. Two freshly prepared crepes with pieces of fresh shrimp, scallops and lobster in a creamy newburgh sauce. The crepes were topped with whole shrimp, scallops, and lobster medallions and served with a fresh green salad. All salad dressings are house made, and there was a beautifully chunky creamy blue cheese on offer.

My other half had a grilled seafood salad with shrimp, scallops and lobster in a corn salad with a hint of spice, served with greens and ripe avocado on the side. Seafood was fresh and cooked just right.

We did notice a lot of folks ordering the fish and chips, and it looked quite tasty; cooked to a deep brown crispness. I might have to try it next time.

Service at Brigadoon was very friendly and efficient, and the food is good. It does feel like the kind of place you would bring your grandmother, but it's nice to see a place that still includes some of those old fashioned dishes along with more contemporary fare. Brigadoon is a good dining option, and worth a small detour if you are in Kemptville or Merrickville.