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I'm a mum of two vocal eaters who've followed my path of food appreciation. They started young partially thanks to something called a Learning Tower which allowed them to belly up to the counter and get mucky in the kitchen. Together the three of us have a bash at most things we see and want to taste.

I've never taken classes and am entirely self taught. I have a passion for cooking but particularly for rustic baking. I suppose I'm from the Jamie Oliver style of cooking in that I'll chuck everything in together and go for the taste.

I'd love to think one day I'll be paid for my baking. Not quite sure how to go about it here in Ottawa, but I'm sure the pieces will eventually fall in place. Job baking my desserts while the children are in school for great pay? Yes please! ;)

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2008 Apr 2
Welcome. I for one will wait for your first post on the topic of Bacon ;-)