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Hey everyone!
I'm Sarah!
There is not a whole lot to describe about me because I really don't have a lot of experience to share.
I am interested in food, the process, cooking and presentation and I love going out for dinner.
I love cooking myself, which can be a challenge somedays because I'm just a university student. I love cooking for people, and taking pictures of my creations. i used to have a webpage on all the food I made, but after seeing how beautiful the food is when I go out for dinner I got embarrassed and took it down! haha.
Now I have a new website which is a more personal take on Ottawa's restaurants which I encourage you to check out, . It's constantly under construction and by no means am I a web designer so you can't critique it that much or I'll cry :)
I have recently gotten into wine tasting thanks to my parents introducing me to different wineries across Ontario. I guess that fits in well with this website because you always have to pick a good wine to complement the meal!
I'm looking forward to learning from your experiences and hopefully I'll be able to contribute a lot as well!

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2008 Jun 22
Hey your date willingly takes photos of food. He's a keeper! ;-)

Thanks for the Le Panaché reviews -- I've been meaning to try that place forever.

2008 Feb 18
Hi Sadie Lady:

I'm always looking for young and enthusiastic people such as yourself to help with kids food programs -- interested?

I'll be hiring through the federal summer student grant programs, so if you're a student returning to school in the fall, you'd be eligible.

Drop a line back if you want more info.,

aka FeedMe!