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I've been eating for 26 years and a foodie for twenty five. I'm not a fan of fancy foods, hand me Asian snack food (Pretz) over creme brulé any day, and not only because I boycott eat dairy.

My travels are always planned around unique restaurants and I'm working my way through the "Omnivore's 100 foods you must try" list.

Sometimes, I also cook.

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2009 Feb 26
Amen, wicked photo skills! What program do you use? Also, welcome. Anyone who loves Agave is a friend of mine!

2009 Feb 25
I like the green tinted jacket and the little yellow mustard bottle in the background. I think it's the details that are most exciting about this picture. Good Job FoodMonstar!

2009 Feb 25
Hi! Love your photo enhancement skillz... nice work!