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My name is YESSI and I'll take all the Guinness you have.

And all the garlic sauce.

And cheezburgers.

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2010 Jul 24
Thanks so much or the Dim Sum tip!!! We will definitely try it out next time we are in the mood for DS - which will probably be very soon! I'll let you know. Thanks again!!!

2010 Jul 23
Diced fried potatoes and baconnaise with hot sauce? Be still my beating heart.

2010 Jul 23
Thanks! It's been a super fun ride! How'd you know? :)

2010 Jul 23
Would you?

I think your sense of humour, tolerance and intellegence would be wasted. But maybe that would be the idea.....


2010 Jul 14
chop chop

2010 Jun 14
It's possible! Guys or women? Old Carleton students?

2010 May 15
I work at Cafe L'Ange... the lobster banh mi, I only offer in the summer months but if you like seafood or just plain flavourful food.....

2010 May 7
Thanks for your nice comment about my blog!

2010 Apr 19
Thanks for your nice comments!

2010 Mar 10
the sandwich is a lobster banh mi (vietnamese sub)
it exist as a special I occasionally run at the resto I am employed

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