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Hi there! I'm so glad I found all you Ottawa Foodies. I think we are going to have a lot in common :) For starters, I live in Ottawa and I like to eat! I am always on the prowl for great restaurants. I love to cook, too, and have a cooking blog called beFOODled at where I post photos and recipes, write restaurant reviews and describe memorable meals. BeFOODled is a bit low on Ottawa resto content right now, but I'm hoping to round that out - or should I say beef that up :)- in the next year or so.
My friends and I get together once a month at each others' apartments to have international potluck dinners (we call ourselves the Gastronati :))
Food is one of my favourite things to talk about, so I'm looking forward to comparing notes with all of you!

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2010 Apr 10
Hey, thanks bunches for the reward on your blog! :D

2010 Mar 17
Your blog rocks!

2009 Dec 31
Hi Pingu,

I made another batch of natto over the holidays, I think the best one yet. I used a starter culture of hot water, 1tbsp of brown sugar, 1tbsp of white sugar, 2 tbsps of malt extract, and 1 tbsp of malto-dextrin. When it had cooled down a bit, but was still warm I added in a package of frozen commercial natto and stirred.

I made four batches of soybeans in a pressure cooker (500g dry weight each). The starter went into the first batch. Each subsequent batch was mixed into the previous ones. Finally it was all divided into 4 pyrex trays and went into a large picnic cooler with an electric heating pad.

Came out really stringy after 36 hours!

Right now it`s againg some more in the fridge.

2007 Oct 5
beFOODled is a very slick blog name! I've added a link from our wiki. Welcome to the site!