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I'm hungry a lot. I have a love/hate relationship with food. I love it because it tastes good, it serves as a nice way to spend time with other people, and it makes me feel good. I resent it because I can't seem to prepare, hunt, gather, plan around, even scrounge for it myself. To me, eating and dining are two rather different activities (like sex and making love, respectively). One is a need; the other a want. My need to eat complicates my life enormously. may be part of the answer. I'm so excited!

But I'm not an Ottawan, oh no. I live in the land of smoked meat, poutine, and creton, the place where one can get fine French food, in American portions, at Canadian prices. A food snob, though, I am not. If it can provide me with burnable energy, however fleeting, I will appreciate it. But I also appreciate that there are varying degrees of appreciation, and that is part of what is all about. I visit Ottawa often, and though I've enjoyed some great restaurants, my most memorable food experiences have been in private homes, including the home of the code monkey that came up with the concept, design, and execution of this valuable utility. Send him your money, your recipes, your firstborns. It's the right thing to do, and Bon Ape Tit!

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2006 Sep 25
I love your favourite foods. I mean.. what more does Man really need!?

2006 Sep 24
Hahaha.. well, except for the firstborns... They can keep those! :-)