Name: Bill Lambert

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You may know me as that big metal guy at the bar, drinkin' fine local beer in front of a man-sized laptop full of intimidating code. (pardon the old photo)

I'm a French Quebecer living in Ottawa (and hating most of the food here!). Self-employed I.T. guy, hence the cruel cynicism - apologies in advance. I'm only 50% asshole, the other half is quite charming, I assure you.

I do believe I have coined the phrase "ghetto awesome" to describe junk food so over-the-top it transcends its creator's drive for a brief yet orgiastic existence. I am not a fine diner by any stretch, I loves me some simple pizza and pub fare.

Short list of Ottawa faves:

- Pho Thu Do (best broth in town)
- Peach Gardens take-out (ghetto awesome!)
- Hung Mein take-out (Nepean ghetto awesome)
- Pancho Villa (molť is the new black)
- East India Company (a bit over-salted, but top quality meats and savory veggie dishes)
- Japanese Village (I love their tiger shrimp!)

Most of the time though, I'm eating junk, so here`s my even shorter list of ghetto awesomeness:

- Poutine "Ligue de Garage" at the PÍle-MÍle in Hull
- Chicken fingers at Pizza Italie in Hull
- Shawarma King on Bank st.

And my usual bar-offices:

- Sir John A. Pub
- Carleton Tavern
- Mill St. brewpub
- Arrow & Loon
- Swizzles (if you know Ostrich, I'm her plus one...)