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I come from a small town where our idea of unique foreign cuisine was KFC. I moved to Ottawa to persue a degree in nursing at Ottawa U. I recall the first day ever being in the city, walking along Rideau street... Almost bewildered at the mere sights of restaurants that offer food besides burgers and fries. It was that day I tried my first pad thai, and I shall never look back.

... So anyway I like all types of food, from everywhere. I want to try food from every region in the world, I'm doing pretty good so far. I like suggestions, please give me them, I will go try the suggested place immediately.

Keeping in mind I like suggestions, unfortunately whoever created me played a cruel trick by giving me a severe fish allergy, which sucks. I try not to let that stop me, but I hope someday to crack open a lobster and make a complete pig out of myself.

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