Jabbas Feast

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First off, food is not just a filler! In our humble opinion, food is about textures, flavours, scents, and chemistry. Food is not, just about how much you get for the $$$$. As a travelled married couple of many years, we have found that our taste for food and wine is equally matched, and so we have endeavoured to undertake these reviews together. Good food does not mean that it has to be expensive, and we have found that a small low budget Mexican restaurant can offer just as much in the way of quality and diversity, that a 4 or 5 star french restaurant can bring to the table. So having said as much, these reviews will be open minded, and focus on food quality and flavour, before quantity and value. We will also be quite candid, as we have both been known to be somewhat opinionated, we will not hold back on our sincere feelings, that is after all, the beauty of criticizing. If you don't like our views, ignore us, and if you find yourself appreciating the same gastronomical qualities, then we hope you enjoy our reviews and will share your thoughts.