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Food one of life's greatest experiences. More than just nourishment, I have found it's linked directly to your morale.

Back when I was 16 I made my first cheesecake and its been a great journey ever since enjoying all the different cuisines out there.

I guess I am the product of my parent's take on food. Ah Da has a very discriminating palate but a very narrow one. Only chinese food for him perhaps a byproduct of his less than fruitful years sampling Australian cuisine for 8 years in the 60's. Too many lamb chops I guess.

Ah Ma on the other hand is an explorer of new flavours and cuisines, if someone else pays for it. Lucky for me I inhereited my Da's free spending ways and disciminating palate but w/ my Ma's adventurous spirit.

A word to the wise, I care nothing for decor and ambiance if the food doesn't measure up. Also not to ruffle any feathers but fusion pisses me off 9 time out of 10. In the words of my physio therapist don't you just hate it when they take a good idea and bastardize it .... Well 1/10 isn't bad when something good is produced.

Ahh the price of creativity. Time to absorb what is useful and get eating!