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Energetic, fun, and enjoying the urban lifestyle. Always open to new tastes and fun places to try great food and share some experiences.

As for me, I grew up in a family with amazing, traditional home cooking, where sharing a meal and being social, went hand in hand. It was a very nurturing experience, and involved a large variety of home grown foods, meats, and simple, yet delicious meals, largely from a British background.

I have since expanded my tastes greatly, and enjoy trying new dishes at home, and out. I tend to favor Mediterranean and Asian dishes now, and prefer savory to sweets.

I like eating out to be social experience, and feel that service, as well as taste and content should be part of that total package. From expensive dining, to the very casual local greasy spoon or neighborhood pub, I want to enjoy the experience, as well as the actual meal on the plate in front of me.


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