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I have been a long time restaurant General Manager here in Ottawa. A few years ago I started my own little food company called Major Craig's. It all started as Christmas gifts the year the stock markets crashed. I figured instead of spending a lot of money on presents, that may or may not be liked, that I would make my Great Great Grandfathers chutney as a 'Crafty' Christmas gift. I also made a Cranberry chutney for everyone to enjoy with their Christmas dinners. It turned out that everyone really enjoyed the chutneys... I have to admit that the whole time there was a nagging curiosity about how to produce my ancestral chutney and how to sell it to retailers. With those questions answered it has now been two years and Major Craig's has zoomed across Ontario, we are now sold in over 70 retail locations and growing.

Some of my proudest accomplishments are that Major Craig's is the ONLY producer in Ontario to be Certified for using Local Farm Produce. Almost from the get go Major Craig's was verified by Savour Ottawa. Admittedly it is seasonal for a lot of the produce like onions, squash and peppers but the Cranberries and Apples are always available. The biggest moment to date however has been winning a National Award. In March 2011 Major Craig's 1884 North India Chutney won the Canadian Liver Foundations LIVERight Award as the Best Ethnic Food in CANADA! YAY!

I am now working full time on Major Craig's as well as being and Independent Sales Rep for the Extensive Specialty food Catalogue of ARS Foods. If you know of a retailer that needs great products from Canadian Specialty Food Producers let me know, please :-)

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