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Live out in the boonies near Perth.

Have been cooking since I was 13, when my Mom decided to go to University, making me the main family prep cook (thanks Mom!).

I cooked in a restaurant when I was in high-school. I loved it, but was not encouraged to make it a career. So I didn't. In retrospect, I'm glad cooking is a pastime.

My son lives in London, UK and went there to become a serious chef. It was his choice. Really.

I love that food brings us all together, no matter who we are, or how well we know each other.

I think cooking is a craft, but sometimes wonder if it were extended to being a fine art, would it open-up a whole new set of eating experiences?

I love that first bite, that first taste of something that re-wires your brain.

I think that heated debates about fry-pan manufacturers, knife styles, how organic something is etc, are really quite boring and miss the whole point.

My cooking is going backwards...I am spending more time re-visiting the most basic parts of cooking technique because I know I never really understood what was happening to my ingredients.

I think Valentine Warner is a fun nut and would love to cook a meal with him someday.

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