Name: Rizak the Really Horrible

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I live near the Experimental Farm, so I'm pretty equidistant from just about everything and close to not much of anything.

I am really good at eating, so I try to do it as often as I can. I'm still working on my drinking.

No food allergies, no real food hatreds that I'm aware of ... except for maple products and salmon. They both just make me gag.

Pretty open-minded and willing to experiment. I like to think I'm a good cook, but I've slowed down an awful lot and stick to things that I know. I need to branch out and test my boundaries a bit.

For some idea of my strangenesses, visit my totally unfinished website here: rizak.info/start.html

Oh, just FYI ... I wear a kilt just about every single day. Ask me how much fun this is in January. I dare you.

Twitter: Rizak_
Don't forget the underscore or you'll be following some guy from Yemen.

Also, I started making vanilla extracts that I'm getting some very good reviews of.
Plain (made with cologne spirit), rum, or brandy. These are made the hard way, with one of the alcohols listed above, whole vanilla bean pods, and a lot of time. Send me an email if you want some.

Bitters have been added to my repertoire. I made many different kinds:
Mandarin Orange
Aromatic Lemon
Cherry Vanilla
Hell, Ya! (smoked peppers)
Root Beer
Bitters can be taken as a digestive aid, but are also the marrying ingredient in a lot of cocktails and baking. Just a dash is all you need.

EMAIL: info@reallyhorrible.ca
TWITTER: @RH_Ent @DrinkPucks
WEBSITE: reallyhorrible.ca

Feel free to review Really Horrible Enterprises where I sell:
Vanilla Extract
Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Sugar

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2015 Sep 4
according to the very next comment on my profile, you can run that total up to 3 .. though there may have been some cheekiness at play..

2013 Mar 23
Hello Rizak, You probably clued-in to this already: to successfully coat donuts with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar...or vanilla sugar (nice!), you need to coat them while they're still hot.
Big congrats on your vanilla business.
Best wishes, AMR

2011 Feb 12
Thanks for the heads up on the tea egg. That is exactly what it is.

Cheers mate,